How to motivate yourself to run?


Too cold, too warm, rain outside the window or lack of time … it’s usually easy for us to find excuses that cover up our lack of motivation to run. However, if we decided to train, then we must do everything to find this motivation! Only how to do it? Check out our methods to increase motivation to run.

Where do you get the motivation to run? First, set a goal!

Your goal may be to reduce weight (running is great for weight loss), improve overall fitness and health, or increase lung capacity for sports. As a runner, it’s a different motivation. The main thing is that your goal is realistic, achievable and, above all, attractive to you.

To begin with, it is worth setting yourself small distances that you want to run-if you are just starting out and do not have a well-developed condition, then your maximum distance should be 5 km. You do not have to run the entire route at once-you can overcome it with a quick march interspersed with slow running. This way you will accustom your body to the effort and not weaken your motivation to run at the start. Learn more about running for beginners so that your motivation does not weaken after making the basic mistakes of new runners!

Second: determine what is destroying your motivation to run

No one is as great a saboteur of our actions as we are. Therefore, before you even put on running shoes, analyze what can destroy your motivation. Maybe training is not associated with anything pleasant, because you just do not know how to run? Incorrect arrangement of the foot or too fast pace of training can lead to micro-injuries and, as a consequence, injury.

  • If running hurts you, it’s no wonder you don’t feel like going out for a workout. Listen to your body while running and see if, for example, you are not dealing with a typical overload injury of a runner.
  • If so, be sure to consult your running plan with your doctor and coach! determine-what-is-destroying-your-motivation-to-run

Sometimes the motivation to run is killed by comparing yourself with other runners. It’s not worth it! There will always be someone who runs faster and better. Remember, a bad workout is one that didn’t happen. Your body will have better and worse days. Adjust to your rhythm instead of chasing better runners. If you want to improve your running time, do it for yourself, not to prove something to others. If you run slowly, do not stress about it-after all, there are running techniques such as slow jogging, where very slow running is even desirable!

Some novice runners-unaccustomed to exercise-often struggle with colic while running. It’s a stabbing pain in the lower part of the ribs, which can easily weaken the motivation to run. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to deal with it.

Third: look for additional reasons that will increase your motivation to run

Motivation to run does not appear by itself. Before running becomes your habit, you will often have to fight with yourself to go to training. There can be a lot of excuses: bad weather, lack of time, headaches … most of these things are sabotaging your own purpose. And when you have already set a goal and a training plan, then stick to it after all!

If you need extra motivation to run, you can try to train with another person or group. You can also buy new running clothes, because often having a new thing, we want to try it immediately! In addition, regularly check your progress on the way to the goal. For example, if your goal is weight loss, then after approx. a month of regular running you will see the effects. They will certainly increase your motivation to run!


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