Find motivation to exercise


The coronavirus pandemic continues, and with it the length of time we usually spend in our homes. It’s not conducive to keeping in shape. How to practice at home and find motivation for such exercises?

Regular exercise during a pandemic, accompanied by an extremely frequent stay at home, is extremely beneficial for health. It is also worth knowing that they help to relieve stress, which probably many of us experience during this difficult time. But laziness sometimes takes precedence over reason and health. How to motivate yourself to exercise and persevere in the resolve?

Bet on regularity

Plan your ordinary day as if you were leaving home for work. Before work, go out for a while and run. Come back and take the time to prepare for your daily professional activities. After work, as part of active rest: work out. You can write out the entire training plan on a sheet of paper or in the application on your phone. Also book your days off from training and mark them clearly in your calendar. This is an additional motivating factor.

Prepare a suitable place in the House

Now, during the pandemic, many of us have made room at home to rest. This is a time when you should also organize a space for regular exercise. Always have an exercise-only outfit ready. Don’t even think about working out in your pajamas!

But let the quantity go hand in hand with the quality. It will be better 20 minutes of intensive training than an hour of lazy driving on a training bike. It is worth taking this time especially in the morning to provide yourself with a solid boost of energy for the whole day. During the day, when your child has remote teaching, you can do exercises in a separate room. After all, the lesson lasts 45 minutes, and this already sounds like a pretty decent workout. Prepare a suitable place in the House

Invite friends or family to practice

We remain isolated, but that doesn’t mean we can’t communicate with each other. Video conferencing programs are a great way to stay in touch with loved ones, but in addition to gossiping, they can also be useful for joint training. And again: regularity is the basis. Meeting up with friends online can definitely help to keep your workout seasons constant. You can also contact a personal trainer to help you get your workout right.

  • Different workouts will not allow for monotony
    Diversify your training plans. None of us like to repeat the same exercises endlessly. Run, swim, get on your bike. During home workouts, use equipment: belts, dumbbells, water bottles, etc. Jump on the jump rope, try the hula hop. Find an activity that will give you enough pleasure that you will not think of training as a sad duty.
  • Reward yourself after completing your workout
    And I’m not talking about a pizza with a coke in it-God forbid! But for example, buying a new inspirational book, a TV series, a little black in your favorite restaurant, a home spa evening. Small things really do make you happy. And the satisfaction after the completed training strengthens them even more.


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