What to do to be healthy? How to motivate yourself, how to change bad habits, when we most often repeat to ourselves “so that I want as I do not want”, or when we watch motivational speakers who, during their speeches, fascinate us with an ideal world and a smile does not come out of their mouths for two hours of presentation? We think what’s wrong with me? Why this motivation can not be bought for kilograms? I want to be beautiful, happy, healthy, have a great relationship and work-after all, everything depends on me-or not?

It is difficult to be motivated for motivation alone, the state of motivation must be linked to a specific goal. From my observations it follows that the change of eating habits to the good ones that will favor us are usually caused by illness. Disease is a great motivator, because our goal clearly emerges: wants to be healthy / healthy.

Hippocrates said, ” a man is born healthy, all diseases come to him through the mouth with food.” If we take care of our cars, our houses, we buy the best food for our pets, then let’s remember that maybe the phrase “I am what I eat” makes sense after all?

How to act? First of all, think about whether you ‘want’ change or ‘have to’. If the goal is accompanied by ‘wants’, then we are at home, because this is an excellent source of motivation.

Where do I start?

  • set yourself small goals, do not immediately Rome was built – for example, I will give up sweets for the beginning of 2 times a week
  • find a partner-this is someone who will support us in our decision, help, listen, together with us will implement changes e.g. husband, daughter-we agree together that sweets will appear on our table only on Sundays or we will switch to a vegetable diet.
  • remove demotivators – if our goal is not to eat sweets, check that on the way home from work you do not pass the candy store, if so change the route back,Where do I start
  • give yourself small rewards-everyone likes rewards, not just kids?if you manage to eliminate sweets, let the reward be something that gives you pleasure, maybe a visit to the theater?

No matter what, it is worth taking care of yourself not because healthy eating is in fashion, but to avoid poor health, lack of energy or diet – related diseases-such as insulin resistance, diabetes, RA or non-specific inflammation of the intestines.

Motivation – definition

Motivation is not as easy to define as it might seem. It is worth starting with the origin of the very term “motivation”. It is derived from Latin and in the Polish translation means “to move” or “to put in motion”. It therefore represents an action, it is also an incentive to start it. The word “motivation”, which is a combination of the words “motive” and “action”, also indicates the goal needed to take a particular action.

Motivation is usually associated with such words as “goal” or “success”. This is a closed circuit. To succeed, you have to have a goal, but when you have a goal, you also need motivation to achieve it.