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‘Why do you talk about motivation so much?’

On Sunday evening I went on Instagram live for fifteen minutes to talk about motivation. I wanted to share a positive message and to encourage others to start the week feeling good.

I’ve been asked a few times recently, ‘Why do you talk about motivation so much and what motivates you?

Well, where should I start!? If I am 100% honest, I believe that encouraging others is my gift, it’s what I do best and it comes naturally to me. I haven’t had the easiest life so far, but let’s be honest who has? Please understand that I am not saying this for sympathy or even for empathy, it’s just my reality.  However, I know that no matter what I have experienced, I have always known that I’m not the only one and that there is always someone else that has it worse than I do right now. There have been a few moments in my life that have really shocked me, stopped my world from spinning and really changed me forever. Those moments are what make me grateful of my life and the people in it. I never knew that I could be so grateful for the everyday things, that I once took for granted. The joy in your everyday life is there if you chose to see it. I genuinely wish that everyone could just open there eyes and see things with a different perspective.

What I see a lot around me, is that people like to complain. People are mad, angry, critical and hateful. People expect a lot, they can be selfish and entitled. These people are full of excuses and they want to blame someone else for their unhappiness. Maybe they blame their parents, or their teachers, the government or their boss. There’s always a circumstance or a reason but untimely, we all have a choice and I am the only person that can determine my own happiness.

It’s no secret that I would love to have another baby. Everyone who knows me, knows this. I’ve been praying for four years to be pregnant again. I think about it every single day. I have big hopes for our family in the future, I have huge career ambitions, there’s a list of countries that I’d like to visit, things that I’d like to experience. However, if non of these things happen, it’s okay. My happiness does not depend upon it. It’s nice to have hopes and dreams, but it’s even better to look at what you already have.

Something that helps me to feel positive, happy and motivated each day is to spend ten minutes really thinking about the things that I have. I don’t write them down, but I visualise them and sometimes I say them aloud. I know this might sound a little bit crazy to some people but I encourage you to try it.
Every time I hear someone say the words ‘I don’t have …’ I feel like frustrated because I understand that their mindset, is set towards negativity.
‘I don’t have enough time…’
‘I don’t have enough money…’
‘I don’t have parents that can help me out…’ etc
I’m not saying that real problems don’t exist, of course we all sometimes face challenges and adversity, some people a lot more than others. But we can’t let what has happened to us in the past, define who we become in the future. What I see, is that people can have almost nothing and be happy, loving, generous and kind, whilst people can have an abundance of things and be the most stressed out, miserable and ungrateful. These are the people that are complaining all the time.

If you woke up today without any pain, illness or disease, then you should be happy. If you woke up today and you felt safe and you knew that your kids were safe too, then you should be happy. If you have food, clothes, a TV, an iPhone, a car, then you are better off than a huge percentage of people on this earth. Why are you still complaining!? Oh because you have to go to work? or because you have to pay rent? or because your train was delayed? You have to change your perspective!

Are the people around you complaining and bringing you down? Or are you spreading your negativity, hatefulness and darkness to others? It’s a lot easier to blame, to criticise and to complain than it is to be positive. I’ve noticed this online too. The loudest people are getting the most attention for complaining, because negativity is contagious and it spreads like a fire.

Okay, so the original question was ‘Why do I talk about motivation so much and what motivates me?’

Ultimately it’s two things…
Number one; I appreciate what I have and that will ALWAYS be more than what I want. When I was a child, I envied my best friend. I thought that I wanted a life like hers. I never assumed or expected that I would have everything that I have today.

Number two; I understand that we are all different, what motivates me might be different to what motivates you but I do believe that we can all chose to be grateful.

There is a lot of negative noise, so I want to counter act it with some words of encouragement, love and  positivity. Our words have power.



This morning I ran the adidas City Runs 10K in Shoreditch. It was SO FUN! If you’ve never signed up to a road race before, here’s a few reasons that you really should . . .You’ll make some incredible mates! I’ve made so many friends since I started running four years ago and being a part of the adidas runners community is amazing. I honestly can’t recommend joining a weekly group running session enough! Running is as good for your mind as it is for your body and the social element is so valuable too.
Today, after the race, I was getting on to the underground and I sat down next to a girl that was wearing a Royal Parks Half Marathon medal. I congratulated her on the race bling and we started chatting about running, trainers and our post run lunch plans. How often do you have a chat with a complete stranger on the tube? Runners are the best people.

You won’t feel intimidated, trust me! Running is for everyone. It really doesn’t matter how fast (or how slow) you are, you’ll be cheered across the finish line and we all get the same medal. Runners are all different ages, shapes, sizes and ability. Don’t be put off because you think you’re ‘not a runner‘, you may surprise yourself.Running can literally take you around the world. There are so many races across the U.K and Europe throughout the year. Over the last three years, I have ran in London, Copenhagen, New York, San Francisco, Stockholm, Sardinia and Brittany. Next year Rob and I are going to a enter a half marathon in Europe, maybe Paris or Amsterdam. It’s a great reason to visit a new city and have a mini holiday at the same time.

Signing up to a race always gives me a new burst if motivation to train and it makes my training more consistent, especially throughout winter. I add the race days to my calendar and then make a weekly countdown and training programme.

Lastly, running is simple awesome! It’s challenging, humbeling and it can never ever be conquered. I’ve been on a high all day since this mornings race. The energy in the race village and at the adidas runners after party was amazing. On the train home, I scrolled through Instagram and I saw everyones post race selfies and finish line photos. I read so many comments and they were all words of encouragement and praise. Search #TakeChargeLDN to see the videos and snaps for yourself.SO. . . what are you waiting for!? Sign up to a race and you can thank me later 🙂 My next run is in two weeks. I’ll be lacing up for the Great South Run (10miles). Thank you so much @adidasuk & @adidasrunning for hosting such an awesome event. I can’t wait for the next one!

Fitbit | Healthy Habits

I am a big believer that small lifestyle changes can have a huge impact on your health. This October I’ve partnered with Fitbit and I’m going to see if tracking my everyday activity, using the FitBit Surge 2, will help me to reach my goals. I have three healthy habits that I am going to track.Step Up
Walking is often under rated. When I first became a Mum, I walked every day with Jude in the pram. Walking is a great way to burn fat, improve your heart health and it’s a good way to clear your head too. Now, I walk with Jude to school and back each day as well as walking between meetings instead of getting on the tube. Set yourself a daily goal and get to stepping.

Sleep To Win
Earlier this year, whilst training for the London marathon, I really learnt the importance of sleep. I was listening to a postcast called Run To The Top and one particular episode was all about sleep. When we don’t get enough sleep, we compromise or bodies ability to recover and this has a huge impact on performance. Even if you’re not training for a race or an event, being tired also affects your concentration, mood, and your appetite too.
I’m setting myself a bedtime of 10pm. This seems really early but it’s worth mentioning that my morning alarm goes off at 5.45am most days. Getting to bed early is also a game changer for my productivity. Not convinced? Check out my ‘6 Reasons To Get Up At 6’ post… Click HERE
With Fitbit’s sleep insights, I can see all the data on my phone. I’m able to see how well I slept, how many hours of light, deep and REM sleep I’m getting and how that affects me the next day.

There is also a feature to help to wind down too. I never knew about the ‘Relax’ feature but I encourage you to try it. Often we spent the whole day rushing from one thing to the next, and we don’t take anytime out of the day to just chill out for a few minutes. I know that I tend to fill any spare time that I do have, for example when I’m sitting on the train, I’ll write emails, social media updates or whatsapp conversations. The Relax feature prompts you to be still for 2 or 5 minutes and to breathe deeply. Honestly, I didn’t think that I would use the feature very often but after trying it, I’ve used it every single day.
Heart Rate Training
It goes without saying that we need to exercises regularly to be as healthy as we can be. However, our bodies are incredibly good at adapting, so sometimes it’s hard to see progress. If you do the same workouts or the same running route, then after a while you’ll get used to it and it won’t challenge you as much. Monitoring your heart rate during these workouts gives you clear and simple data. I can use this data to adapt my exercises and make sue that my workouts don’t plateau.
Using the heart rate tracker on the Surge 2, I can see if I am working in the Peak, Cardio or Fat Burn zone. As well as being able to see which workouts were the most effective at burning calories.
If you’re lacking in motivation, you can also set little reminders to give you a virtual nudge to get moving.This autumn I’m going to practice my healthy habits as much as possible. Inevitably, sometimes life gets in the way of our plans and we have to be flexible and go with it. I’m not going to obsess over the stats but I am fascinated to see if the Fitbit Surge 2 will help me to keep on track.

*This post was sponsored by Fitbit.

20 Thoughts About Turning 30

Tomorrow is my 30th birthday. Over the last few weeks, I’ve had a few friends asking me ‘How do you feel about turning 30?’ They have the kind of look on their face that you would have if you were telling someone that you’d just run over their cat. It’s a sad face with a half smile.

Apparently on the eve of your 30th birthday, your expected to freak out, reflect on your life, assess who you are and contemplate the meaning of your existence. Wowzers!

As with many things, it’s a different conversation for women and men right?

So here are my thoughts about turning thirty…

1. If turning thirty is such a ‘big deal’ then surely I can expect lots of flowers, cards, balloons and gifts. Plus it’s totally acceptable to drag out the celebrations for a whole week! Wooohoooo! Oh and don’t forget the cake 🙂

2. People take you more seriously when you’re in your thirties. When you’re a twenty-something, you know nothing. Now I’m older, I’m wiser. So there.

3. I can admit that I hate clubbing! In fact haven’t enjoyed clubbing since I was twenty one.

4. I’ve been married for 7 years. I know that this is the exception and most of my mates are not married yet. I’m expecting the next decade to include lots and lots of weddings. Hooray!

5. My hubby is 6 years older then me, so no matter how old I get, I’ll always be younger than him. Haha!

6. My skin is better than its ever been. This may be due to changing my diet or it could just be age. Finally no more spots! Oh wait but what about wrinkles. Oh crap.

7. I’m still figuring out what I wanna be when I grow up. How long do I have left to decide?

8. I’ve already ticked off some things from my list that I’ll never have to again. Thank god. Like GCSE history, my driving test & having my wisdom teeth removed.

9. I’ve got the BEST mates! Over the test of time, only true friendships really last.

10. I’m more confident and I trust my own intuition.

11. I’m young enough to remember awesome 90’s stuff like playing snake on my Nokia 3310.

12. I’m old enough to remember when Britney released ‘Baby One More Time’ and remember the choreo! Good times.

13. I’ve decide that in my thirties I’m going to be more stylish. I’m gonna buy nice bags and wear heels more often, just because, you know, I’m in my thirties.

14. I’m going to burn candles and read more. Okay that’s a step to far, but I might get some candles.

15. I still eat too many sweets. Haribo bring me so much joy!

16. I can now talk about people and say ‘we go way back, and it’s actually true!

17. Jude thinks I’m really funny. He told me that I make him laugh when I do funny faces. He doesn’t think that I’m embarrassing yet. Winner.

18. There are so many beautiful places in the world that I’m yet to visit. I’m going to write I wish list of cities and counties. I also really want to learn to speak Italian.

19. I’ve been procrastinating about getting a tattoo for 10 years! I still don’t have any. It’s now or never.

20. I’m so happy to be a mummy, a wife, a sister, and a friend. I’ve got a lot to be happy about and lots to celebrate! Yippee!

adidas runners REMIX !

adidas studio London, 152 Brick Lane

Saturday 10.30am

adidas runners

I’ve joined the adidas runners for 3 unique REMIX run sessions. Don’t worry if you missed the first two, make sure you sign up for the finale on Saturday 30th September.

Lace up and join us at 152 Brick lane at 10am, it’s a women’s only event (sorry lads). We’re kick starting the weekend, and waking up the locals, by running through the city with my REMIX playlist. Music is my motivation when I’m training, it makes me run faster and push myself harder.

After the run, we work out and we’re accompanied by LIVE musicians. Previously we have been joined by a sax, a trumpet and a duo steel band. I’m MEGA excited for our final workout but you’ll have to wait until the day to find out what the soundtrack will be.

Don’t worry if you’re new to running or you haven’t been running in a while. All abilities are welcome and no one gets left behind. It’s not a race and we run as a group. Myself and the adidas runners captains are always there for support if you need it. Running as a group is a great way to discover new parts of the city, meet new fit mates and shake out the week. Come join us!

Head over to Facebook to sign up – click here

I have afro hair, so what?

Where should I start!? I guess I should start with the positives, cos that is just my style.

Firstly, I’m gonna say that I love my afro hair. I haven’t always. Trust me, many tears have been shed over the years. (Mostly when my Mum would try to detangle it) Like most young girls with afro hair, I used to wish that my hair was straight, the majority of my friends at school had straight hair and I thought it would be so much easier to brush and to style. At that time I had no idea about ‘beauty standards’ or ‘media influence’ and Instagram did not exist. I got used to people saying that my hair was ‘massive’ or ‘bushy’ or asking me if they could touch my hair. I was never offended, but I did feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. Let’s be honest, when you’re fourteen years old, the last thing that you want, is to stand out.

Fast forward sixteen years and I now have the confidence to fully embrace my afro hair. It’s a huge part of my identity and I have no desire to change it. Of course sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have braids or to shave my head. I’ll probably never do either of those things, but hey it’s fun to day dream about it.

Since discovering the online natural hair movement, I’ve realised that this conversation is a real one and a very important one. I guess if I’m completely honest, initially I didn’t feel like I could get involved in this conversation because I am mixed race. That might sound strange but let me explain. I didn’t feel like I could speak on behalf of ‘black women’ because I’m not black. I was raised by a white mother and I didn’t have any black female role models in my life to teach me about twists, head scarfs or relaxer. I didn’t know about any of that stuff until I left home and met a black girl at college. Thank you Anneka for introducing me to texturiser!
My point is that hair is more than just hair. It’s a part of your identity. I can join in with the conversation of natural hair because my perspective is just as valid as anyone else’s.

Many beauty and hair brands are now attempting to showcase a more diverse line up of models and ambassadors in their campaigns. Although there is still along way to go, the landscape is beginning to gradually change. Beauty standards is a whole different conversation but one thing that still needs to change, is the narrative surrounding afro hair.
Here are some words that people frequently use to describe my hair…
wild, crazy, funky, frizzy, non of these words have positive connotations. I’ve also been asked if my hair is real or if my hair is a wig. That is just rude! I laugh it off but to be honest, I’d rather you just shut up talking about my hair. It’s afro hair, so what!?
I often get questions like ‘Why don’t you ever straighten it?’ Maybe because, I like it the way it is and I don’t feel the need to change myself. More importantly, maybe I actually don’t want to stand here and listen to your opinion of me and my appearance. Don’t even get me started on how many times a stranger has actually touched Jude’s hair whilst he’s been sitting next to me on the tube. Please don’t ruffle my childs hair. He is not a dog and you are a complete stranger!

Okay, this post is not an angry rant, let’s take it back a bit. I know that often people think that they are complimenting you but essentially, my hair doesn’t need to be a constant point of discussion.

It’s incredible that thanks to the internet, mostly Instagram, we have a platform to share, learn and connect. We can create our own media and seek out our personal role models, style icons and see ALL types of beauty. I love the way my hair looks and that is the important part of the message. Equally, if I did want to braid my hair or dye it, or shave it all off, that is my choice too. I do not need your opinion or approval. Until then… this is my hair, it’s afro, so what!?

The Latest

What a summer! It’s been so amazing and I really can’t believe that it’s September already. Here’s the latest …

Summer started with a bang! I flew out to LA for a photoshoot with adidas. Since becoming an ambassador at the start of this year, I’ve learnt so much about the brand and their message. The whole shoot felt like a celebration of women, strength, individuality and creativity. Adidas are challenging conventional beauty standards and empowering women through sport. I am mega proud to be a part of their squad.Schools Out
Jude’s been at home enjoying the school holidays. We’ve had playdates, swimming lessons, cinema trips, bike rides, hours of LEGO and a few nights at Nanny and Grandads. Ah the life of a six year old! I know many parents find the summer holidays challenging for lots of different reasons. Let’s be honest, it’s exhausting and expensive! BUT I’ve loved having so much time all together as family. It’s scary how fast time goes and I want to squeeze as much out of these days as possible.Road Trip
We packed up the car and set off for an eight hour journey to France. Two hours into the trip, our car broke down! Not the best start to our holiday but we did eventually make it to Les Ormes in Dol-de-Bretagne.
We’ve never been to rural France before and I only know about ten french words, but we had the BEST time. We stayed in a raft house on a lake for a few days, before staying in a treehouse! It’s worth mentioning that the treehouse comes with complimentary spiders! I am terrified of spiders so I had to sleep under a mosquito net, whilst wearing a hoody zipped up to my eyes! The treehouse had no plug sockets and no 3G, so I had a mini digital detox too.
We went running in the mornings and discovered the beautiful nearby town of Combourg. The whole place is so idilic and picturesque.10 days of no work! We ate croissants everyday, drank wine and stayed up late. Best holiday ever!Training
I haven’t had a training routine or a strict plan over the summer. However, I’ve been running twice each week (countdown is on to CityRuns), I’ve done a few HIIT sessions and I’ve been teaching classes at the adidas Brick Lane studio. I absolutely LOVE teaching group classes! I made an epic playlist of old tunes and we were all singing and squatting to the beat!
FYI You can follow all of my playlists on Spotify click here

It’s all happening !! Our launch event is officially SOLD OUT and I can not wait for this to kick off! If you don’t know about ‘Get To KNOW’ … click here for all of the info 

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Ain’t no party like a three stripe party! To celebrate the release of the originals EQT range, adidas hosted a night with Charlie XCX, Mura Masa & Steff London at their Creator Studio, Victoria House. Out, out with the team! (on a school night!)Favourites –
Here’s a list of my current obsessions –
Game of Thrones (OBVS)
Alpro Hazelnut Ice Cream. It takes like Nutella & it’s vegan. Winner!
– Sonia from Eastenders memes. One of the main reasons that I love the internet.
– Aveda essential oils body/ room sprays. I spray it all over our bedroom at night and it smells like we’re in a spa.

And that’s it for now … #TheLatest