Why do I need it? What are the benefits of yoga? If you ask yourself this question, the first thing you need to know is that the answer is unpredictable. The benefits of yoga may be different for everyone. I fell in love with yoga and it has become a very important part of my life, so I am writing this post from the bottom of my heart to introduce you to the benefits and benefits of yoga. In my career as a yoga teacher,

I had people who were even forced (by my girlfriend / sister etc.) to come to my class. There were those who were very skeptical, and after practice .. they became the most diligent, my students and asked for more classes!  In this post I will try to describe to you the benefits and advantages of yoga that can encourage you to start practicing!

At the beginning of the formalities! What is yoga? Yoga is not exercise!  I made a mistake in the description to be able to explain to you now, that’s why WE PRACTICE yoga, not practice it!  I first encountered yoga about 6 years ago. As a fresh buyer of a gym membership, I decided to take advantage of the classes organized there. I was lucky because I met wonderful teachers.

Mr. Adam Jan showed us how to feel the border of his body. At first, the classes were embarrassing for me, I felt a bit awkward. I think that everyone who goes to yoga for the first time experiences this shock – he is a bit stupid .. make incomprehensible sounds ‘om’, words namaste, lie in savasana with your eyes closed and listen to the sound of your breath, and that’s just the beginning of learning the uniqueness of yoga practice!


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