Workout Playlist


The best athletes revealed what music they listen to during cycling training. Check how the marathon runners are motivated, and how the best downhill runners wind up fighting on the tracks.

Music is an integral part of the training of every amateur and professional. Usually, to motivate yourself to ride, you just need to put on your headphones and fire up some of your favorite songs from the best cycling movies on your phone. However, there are days when without strong rhythmic numbers we are not able to cope with the intervals set out by the trainer, and on well-known routes we act like children in the fog.

Due to lack of concentration, we make a lot of stupid mistakes – we lose concentration, we lose the flow and we just fall out of the rhythm. Appropriately selected music can be a cure for such a condition. We asked the best players what songs empower them and help them focus on overcoming their weaknesses. The full playlist that we managed to compose consists of 100 numbers. It includes the greatest hits from legendary bicycle movies, classics such as AC / DC, as well as rhythmic songs that make it easier to work out the correct rhythm.

The greatest cycling stars participated in creating the “perfect cycling playlist”: Pauline Ferrand-Prevot, Henrique Avancini, Evie Richards, Kate Courtney, Rebecca Rusch, Tiago Ferreira, Tom Pidcock, Finn Iles, Yana Belomoina, Martin Maes, Tomas Slavik, Greg Callaghan, Payson McElveen, Ellen Noble and Richie Rude.


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