Womens fitness


Fitness exercises are recommended for women

Women should choose exercises that prevent the following diseases:

Relaxing and gently stretching exercises, such as Pilates or belly dancing, are the best for back pain.

Osteoporosis and rheumatism
As in the case of back pain, low-intensity exercises should also be selected in the prevention of osteoporosis and rheumatism. This is, in particular, about increasing bone density (for osteoporosis) and the lowest possible load on the joints, while strengthening them (for rheumatism). Movement causes increased production of synovial fluid, which is responsible for the proper mobility of the joints. Cycling, yoga, pilates, all water exercises (aquaerobics, swimming) are fitness exercises indicated in these diseases.

Urinary incontinence
Each of the women will sooner or later begin to experience problems with urinary incontinence. The most common problems appear at the time of the menopause, but they can start in pregnancy and increase with each subsequent birth. If we additionally carry heavy nets with shopping, or raise children and grandchildren – the problem becomes even more severe. Therefore, each woman should start pelvic floor muscle training before planning a child. The best exercises are dedicated to pregnant women – pilates and aquaerobics. It is in such a package that we find urinary incontinence prophylaxis training.

Cardiovascular diseases and neoplasms
In every anti-cancer guide, we will read that exercise and a healthy diet are essential. It’s hard to talk about any particular type of exercise that will be particularly helpful. The exceptions are neoplasms, the formation of which is directly related to the fatty cells of the pancreas, breast, colon, bladder, endometrium, kidneys and esophagus. So if our family has an increased risk of developing one of them, it is advisable to focus on fat burning exercises.

Fat burning
Exactly, the fat burning issue. It turns out that intense strength training may have a smaller impact on body shaping than regular, gentle training. The so-called calorie compensation effect. After exercise, which burned a large amount of calories, we are exhausted and our body needs to quickly compensate for the loss with a large meal. The absence of this effect is found with low-intensity training, such as Zumba, Pilates, or swimming.

Scientific research shows that it is much harder for women to lose weight than for men, and this is due to the greater ability of the fair sex to… maintain fat reserves. Cause? Purely genetic: women need fat more than men because they need to bear and feed children. Therefore, it is worth controlling the caloric supply, eg Withings Body Cardio is an ultra-thin and intelligent scale for body composition analysis. The scale measures your weight, body fat, muscle, bone mass, and water. Then it synchronizes the collected data with the smartphone, showing it in the form of easy-to-read trend lines, which helps in faster achievement of the set goals.


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