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Why Consistency Works

We can of course change our habits an behaviours, initially this requires an intently act. For example, let’s say you want to get fitter. You buy a pair of running shoes and you go out for a run. The intentional act is done. But one run doesn’t make you fit. So this is where consistency comes in, if you then continue to run three times each week, running becomes a part of your routine, it becomes a habit.

Confidence & Self Love.

Last week I was invited by Urban Decay cosmetics to deliver a talk about confidence & self love. Here’s what I had to say… CONFIDENCE IS NOT SOMETHING THAT YOU ARE BORN WITH OR WITHOUT. I believe that confidence is not something that you are born with or with out. It is not a personality trait. Often people mistake the behaviours of outgoing people, it’s easy to assume the if someone is extroverted then they must be confident. However this is not the case. In fact, you can be either an extroverted person or an introverted person, but you can still be confident in yourself, your own abilities and your unique talents. Confidence is actually a skill, and like any skill, it simply requires practice. When we’re growing up and discovering our sense of self, many things can impact our self confidence. Our experiences, our social and cultural influences, and our parents, all play a role in building self confidence.  Many people say that they find public speaking difficult. I myself, used to find it …

5 Ways To Boost Your Mood

This spring I’ve teamed up with VeryUK to share my ‘Everyday Life Goals’ aka the simple things in my life that make a really big difference! My life is mega busy right now! I’m working on lots of different projects, preparing for our next Get To KNOW event, training for a marathon, and Jude is at home for two weeks as it’s school Easter holidays. I am forever trying to ensure a good work life balance but it’s a struggle. If I notice myself getting stressed out or overwhelmed, then I have to take a step back, log out of my email account and spend a few hours doing something fun. Here are my favourite ways to boost your mood and get you mojo back… MUSIC  I absolutely love listening to music! Whether I’m cooking at home, driving to the city, or out running in the morning, I’ve always got a playlist ready. If I’m feeling a little flat, I’ll listen to my diva playlist, turn it up loud and sing along at the top …

How does she do it?

Now this is a tricky one for me. Does such a thing even exist when you run your own business? and you’re the co-founder of a start up? The line between work and life is very thin for me. Personally, I don’t have a problem with that but I do feel a pressure from other people.

‘Why do you talk about motivation so much?’

On Sunday evening I went on Instagram live for fifteen minutes to talk about motivation. I wanted to share a positive message and to encourage others to start the week feeling good. I’ve been asked a few times recently, ‘Why do you talk about motivation so much and what motivates you? Well, where should I start!? If I am 100% honest, I believe that encouraging others is my gift, it’s what I do best and it comes naturally to me. I haven’t had the easiest life so far, but let’s be honest who has? Please understand that I am not saying this for sympathy or even for empathy, it’s just my reality.  However, I know that no matter what I have experienced, I have always known that I’m not the only one and that there is always someone else that has it worse than I do right now. There have been a few moments in my life that have really shocked me, stopped my world from spinning and really changed me forever. Those moments are what make …