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Could You Give Up Coffee?

Are you addicted to coffee? Many people confess to being addicted to their daily caffeine fix. They drink one or two cups of coffee every single day and to be honest, most people are genuinely shocked when I tell them that I don’t drink coffee.

Fitbit | Healthy Habits

I am a big believer that small lifestyle changes can have a huge impact on your health. This October I’ve partnered with Fitbit and I’m going to see if tracking my everyday activity, using the FitBit Surge 2, will help me to reach my goals. I have three healthy habits that I am going to track.

6 Reasons to Get Up at 6

Okay, so if you’ve ever watched my Instagram stories, then you’ll already know that most days, I am up and out before 7am. I haven’t always been such an early bird, but over the last eight months, I have witnessed the change in my life due to this one daily practice. Getting up at 6am each day is a game changer! Here’s why … Productivity How many times have you said ‘I don’t have enough time to… read/ workout/ meditate/ etc? We all have busy lives, but we all have the same amount of time each day, it’s just about prioritising what you really want. Whether you are studying, starting your own business, raising kids etc, getting up early will give you some uninterrupted time each day to get #*it done. Make 6-7 your power hour! Less Stress The way you start your morning will have a domino effect on the rest of the day. Most people that are late will say that they ‘absolutely hate being late’. It makes us feel stressed out an …

Jamie Oliver #TellTheresa

This morning I was invited to attend a talk with Jamie Oliver to discuss child hood obesity and the governments new ‘Plan for Action’. The panel was presented by channel 4’s Jackie Long. Jamie was also joined by Dr Dawn Harper, Olympic gold medalist, James Cracknell and Justine Roberts, CEO & Founder of Mumsnet. Jamie has been campaigning for the government to do more to tackle this national health problem. He wants to ensure that parents are well informed about nutrition, as well as suggesting that the government should bring in laws for food suppliers and manufactures, that will help us all to make healthier food choices. Earlier this year the government released their strategy for ‘Childhood Obesity : A plan for action‘ which was created to significantly reduce childhood obesity and to implement radical change across the country. However, the strategy has been hugely criticised and described as a ‘diluted version’ of what campaigners had hoped for. Jamie Oliver is featured in tonight Dispatches programme on channel 4, he speaks very passionately about his …

Learning to Swim

So earlier on this year I shared a blog post titled ‘Making A Splash!‘ I talked about how both Jude and I will be starting swimming lessons at David Lloyd Health Club. A few months later, here is an update as to how we’re both getting on. . . Having our David Lloyd club membership throughout the summer school holidays was absolutely brilliant. Rob and I could train together in the gym whilst Jude enjoy the kids club. We signed up for swimming lessons with a wonderful swimming coach who is aptly named David. Jude started off really well, he was excited about the lesson and he seemed really keen to get in the water. However, he quickly became nervous when he realised that his feet couldn’t reach the bottom and that I was’t getting in with him. He clung on to David and gripped his t-shirt with both hands for most of the thirty minute lesson, but at least he came out smiling.The following few lessons Jude seemed to become more and more anxious …