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Day 1 #TakeTheLeap

So today is Day 1 of the prAna yoga challenge. I’m feeling super motivated, I hope that I can keep it up for a whole 30 days. Today I worked on my headstand. Apparently we should all be doing headstands everyday. It’s a great way to improve your upper body strength and work your deep core ab muscles too. During this yoga challenge I have 3 goals. To improve my core strength and posture. To increase flexibly in my back. I have quite flexi legs, but my back is as stiff as wood! To be brave. It’s easy to stick to the poses that feel good. I am going to push myself this month to try the poses that I find most tricky. I’d love to be able to master the ‘Dancers Pose’.

Take The Leap Yoga Challenge

On Monday I will be joining the prAna #taketheleap Yoga challenge. The challenge is to do yoga everyday for 30 days. It can be as little as 5 minutes each day, I am going to aim for 30 mins. I usually only do one class a week, so I am going to try to be disciplined, and challenge myself to make the time for some yoga everyday. I will be sharing my antics here on the blog & on instagram #takethechallenge For more info you can join prAna on Facebook Wish me luck !  

Akasha Wellness Yoga & Pilates Centre.

There’s a new yogi hang out for us Hertfordshire mummies, Akasha Wellness Yoga & Pilates Centre, at the Barley Barn, Wickham Hall. As you know I am a huge fan of Yoga, it’s a workout and therapy combined. Last week I went along to check out their classes. They are currently offering an introductory £5 offer for your first class. Check out the class schedule here. The space is a beautiful, modern, barn conversion. Perfect for an hour of Zen after the school run! I went to a 9.30am Akasha Power class. The class was suitable for beginners/intermediate level, it wasn’t an intense calorie burner but I left the class feeling awake, revived and calm. They don’t have an advanced class on their timetable yet, however they do offer one to one sessions. They also offer ‘reformer pilates’. This is a pilates system that focuses on core strength and is performed on these fancy pilates beds. I am desperate to try this class, it looks brilliant! They have a treatment room and are offering a …

Yoga For Beginners.

Recently a lot of friends have been asking me for yoga advise. Maybe this is because my instagram feed is littered with stretchy upside down yoga style pics. I would just like to say, I am no yoga expert. I used to be a dancer, so you might say I have a little bit of a head start. Last week I went to Shoreditch house for a yoga class with Steffy White. She is my yogi inspiration, her class last night was yin yoga. It was like an hour of therapy. Yin is a calm floor based yoga practice, you hold each of the poses for 3-5 minutes. Steffy’s reassuring voice helps you to relax, focus, and forget about your life away from the mat. Let’s be honest, for many people the real challenge in a yoga class, is not being able to check your phone for 60 minutes. It can be really difficult to completely switch off and just do nothing. Every now and again it is really useful to unplug, no music, no …

January Health Kick

Are you planning to shape up in January? You may have read last month that I was temporarily joining the gym, it is temporary because I usually like to exercise outside. I like to walk, run, cycle, in the fresh air and sunshine. As it is currently freezing outside and there is very minimal sunshine, I am staying indoors! Here are my tips for your new year health kick.   Find something that you enjoy. The dancer in me loves music and so I like going to exercise classes that use music. At Nuffield Health centre, I enjoy Nina’s Body Balance class. The class is at 9.30am, so I head straight there after the school run, I’m out of the gym by 10.45am so I still have the whole day free afterwards. Don’t be intimidated by group classes, there are a variety of abilities, ages, shapes and sizes. After a few classes you start to recognise the same friendly faces each week.     Find a balance. If you want to see results you need …