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Summer Juice with Truenopal

How great is this heatwave!  I am totally loving it, but training for a marathon in 30 degree heat has been tough! I’m doing my best to stay hydrated by drinking lots before, during and after exercise. I’m also not drinking alcohol at the moment, due to my early morning running routine. Try to take on a ten mile training run with a hangover is not fun at all!

Veggie Burger Recipe.

Easy chickpea burger recipe … Ingredients  1 onion 1 shallot 1 tbsp tomato puree 1 can chickpeas 2 handfuls spinach breadcrumbs 2 tbsp ground flax 2 tbsp water 1 handful coriander 1 tbsp dried basil 1 egg optional (not for vegans) Method First blend the spinach and coriander, in a food processor. Then blend the onion and shallot. Transfer then into a bowl. Next blend the chickpeas, but only for a few seconds. (Too long and they will be too mushy) Add the chickpeas and all the remaining ingredients to the bowl. Mix together then and make the burger patties. Heat some oil in a pan. Pan fry the burgers for 2-3 mins on each side Bake in the oven for 15-18 mins – 180* Add some salad and a bun Enjoy! I love making these burgers with sweet potato chips and barbecue sauce. You can really taste the onions so it reminds me of summer BBQ’s. Make a batch of these in summer when your veggie friends come over. You can also freeze them …

Joining Veganuary?

It’s easier than ever to eat a vegan diet! but if you’re not sure where to start, why not take on the #Veganuary challenge. Veganuary is not just a hashtag, it is a charity that encourages and inspires people to try eating a vegan diet throughout January. You never know, after a month you might decide to stick with it, or you might not, but you’ll never know unless you try it. The stereotypical image of veganism has changed dramatically over the last few years, the demand for non animal products is now mainstream with many people under the age of 25 leading the way. Personally, I’ve been eating a mostly vegan / plant-based diet for the last 18 months, but to be completely honest, I didn’t want to shout about it too much, because I didn’t know if I would stick with it. My family and friends know that I don’t eat meat/ dairy etc but I was very hesitant to share this with the online world. I didn’t want to label myself as …