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Why Consistency Works

We can of course change our habits an behaviours, initially this requires an intently act. For example, let’s say you want to get fitter. You buy a pair of running shoes and you go out for a run. The intentional act is done. But one run doesn’t make you fit. So this is where consistency comes in, if you then continue to run three times each week, running becomes a part of your routine, it becomes a habit.

6 Runners That You Need To Follow on Instagram

@Estelle_trouilloud Estelle’s beautiful photographs make me want to relocate to the mountains! She is self confessed outdoor sports addict, oh and she has the most beautiful dog too! @Maxwilco Max is an endurance athlete, producer, photographer & consultant at WeAre:TrackHouse. Max’s dedication to running is mega inspiring! & he knows his stuff when it comes to the science of running & sports nutrition. @Jessiezapo Jessie is a fellow adidas ambassador, running coach and founder of GirlsRunNYC. I love Jessie’s inclusive attitude to running & her uber cool energy & style. @susie_chan_ Susie is an endurance runner and race pacer. She always has a smile on her face and I just love following her. @thewelshrunner This guy!! Matt is an INCREDIBLE runner, totally dedicated & super speedy!! I met him last year at the Great South Run and I’ve been following him in awe, ever since. @amandarunboston Amanda is an amazing runner, yoga teacher, adidas ambassador and a new Mama! I met Amanda last year in LA when her son was just a few weeks old. …

Active For 2

As a personal trainer and a Mum, I’m often asked for advice when it comes to pre and
postnatal fitness. Exercising whilst pregnant often sparks debate and many pregnant women are unsure of the do’s and don’ts.

Why I’m Running the Berlin Marathon

Within minutes of crossing the finish line of my first ever marathon, I said to my husband, ‘I’m never doing that again!’ and in that moment, I truly thought that London 2017 would be my first and last marathon. One year later and I am about to embark upon my twenty week training program, to complete the Berlin marathon in September. So what’s changed? Why I am taking on another marathon. Well, firstly it’s because I love running and when I’m training for a race, I’m much more consistent with my running and it gives me an extra bit of motivation get up out of bed and lace up. Secondly, I never want to get bored of running the same five mile route around my house. Training for a marathon last year forced me to find new places to run, it brought new friends into my life, and it showed me that I can be incredibly self disciplined. I surprised myself, I never knew how focused I could be. I really enjoyed the structure of …

Keep On Running | Journal from Paperchase

This weekend I received a ‘Keep On Running’ journal from Paperchase, it could not have come at a better time! In less than four weeks, I will begin training for the Berlin Marathon. Last year I completed my first marathon in London and it was tough! I trained for fifteen weeks, a combination of endurance training, hill session, strength / resistance workouts and LOTS of stretching. Throughout my training, I experimented with different ways to fuel before, during and after long runs. This is the part that went wrong on the day, I didn’t take on enough fuel during the first few hours of the race, so I hit the wall at mile 19 and the rest of the race was a struggle. This year I’ve adapted my training plan and I’m meeting with a dietician for advice about fuelling. I’m hope that the second time will be slightly less painful than the first. This time I have a twenty week training plan and I can’t wait to get started! I absolutely love journaling! Every Sunday …