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The fitness industry is competitive and consumers are savvy. We must continue to evolve in an attempt to keep up with the changing landscape of social media, social behaviour, tech innovation and cultural trends. It would be foolish to disregard tech as being just another fitness trend.


Over the last few years I’ve tried a ton of different skin care routines, and I’ve figured out exactly what works for my skin. During the winter months I know that I need to hydrate my skin as much as possible. Running outside in the cold in the morning and spending time indoors with heating on, can really dry my skin out, so here are my golden rules when it comes to winter skin care… Oil is your friend and it will NOT cause breakouts! I used to be afraid to put oil on my skin because I thought it would make my skin oily and cause spots. Ironically it has the exact opposite effect. In fact, using oil on my skin has been SO good for it. I use natural oils, like coconut oil and macadamia nut oil every night during winter. Apparently it’s anti ageing too! (FYI I did get asked for ID over Christmas, when buying red wine in Sainsbury’s, so maybe it’s because of the coconut oil! hahah) The best way …


How many times a week should I run? Will I get injured if I run too much?’ I get a lot of questions about running, recovery, and injuries so I thought I’d share my top tips in one post …


At the end of last year, one evening in the week between Christmas & New Years, I took a huge piece of card from Jude’s desk and I sat on the floor in the lounge. I had four different coloured sharpies and I started to write a plan for the year ahead. I wrote 2018 in the middle of the page and then I started to write down anything and everything until the whole page was covered. I wrote things like, visit a new country, run a marathon, start a podcast, film more vlogs, work with a charity etc. I also wrote down a financial goal for the year. I wrote down a list of names of people that inspire me, a list of people that I’d like to meet, a list of books that I wanted to read and I wrote down all of the things that make me happy and all of the people in my life that are important to me. Well, they say that words have power! and I could not …


So I understand and accept that habits are critical for achieving any goal, but the question I want to know is HOW to make good habits.


It’s finally here! Last week I launched my brand new podcast show, the Power Hour! So far, the response has been incredible. Within the first twelve hours the show was in the top 5 rated podcasts in iTunes. Madness!!


Often when I talk about the Power Hour and about getting up early in the morning, the first question that I get asked is, “What time do you go to bed?’ To be honest I used to be a night owl and I’d stay up until at least midnight every night, but you can’t stay up late and get up early. Sleep deprivation is not the one! So, I had to re asses my bedtime. These days I get into bed before 10pm every night. At first it was so difficult to be disciplined, I felt like I was cutting my evenings short and like I was missing out. I’d either be on my laptop, watching TV, scrolling through social media or doing all three! Let’s be honest, non of these things are helping me to live a happier, healthier life. (Although the world is a much funnier place now that we have Twitter memes) So, I made a vow to go to bed before 10:00pm every night for one week. I even set an …