download-81How Often Do You Workout?

I train 5 times each week. (This is usually 3 runs and 2 workouts.) My rest days are usually Tuesday and Friday. If I’m training for a race then I will usually drop a workout to focus my energy on my run days, especially if the weekend run is long one. I always include a lot of mobility and stretching too.
Life is often very busy, but I prioritise my running and my workouts because I realise how important my health is. I need to move for both my body and mind to feel good.

What’s the best way to lose belly fat?

Now this is a question that I get asked a lot! I’m sure that people would love for me to say that there is a flat tummy secret or quick and easy solution, but unfortunately that’s not true. When it comes to reducing body fat there are lots of things to consider. Exercise, diet, sleep, stress, genetics, all play a part. It’s important to focus on all aspects of health, and not to focus solely on weight lose.

One thing that I do know is that ‘flat tummy’ tea’s or meal replacement drinks are never a good idea! They are not a healthy sustainable way to lose body fat and they can be very dangerous.  The best way to reduce your body fat in a healthy way is to get active! Walking, swimming, cycling, pilates weight lifting and jogging are all great ways to burn calories and strengthen your core muscles. When it comes to diet, make sure that you’re eating a varied food, reduce the amount of processed sugars and packaged foods.

Which trainers are best for running?

I have been running in adidas UltraBoost for four years! For me, they are by far the best running shoe for road running. They are mega cushioned and very supportive, and they last for ages. If you need advise on running shoes, pop in to a running specialist store like Pro Feet or Runners Need. They offer free consultations with footwear specialist. Plus then you can try before you buy.

How do you stay motivated?

Well, I always say that motivation comes and goes, somedays I am motivated, but on all the other days I am disciplined.
Training towards a goal is a great way to get motivated , so I sign up to races throughout the year. If you need other people to help keep you motivated, sign up to a group class or meet up with a friend to workout.

Do you lift weights?

Personally, I don’t do very much strength training. I do some resistance band workouts and occasionally I’ll add a kettle bell set in to my workout. Strength training is a very effective way to train. When I am personal training, I often include strength training in my clients training programme. When it comes to my own workouts, I prefer to train outside and I rarely use a gym. (Unless the weather is really bad)

What’s your current fitness goal?

Well, I’m just getting back into endurance training again, now that my foot has recovered. I’ll be signing up to at least three half marathons next year, so I’d really like to run sub 1:40.

What’s the best way to avoid injuries?

SLEEP!! Plus, it’s important to wear supportive shoes if you’re running a lot of miles on the road. Improving your mobility and strengthening your core muscles will always help you to move better and this will help prevent injury too, but ultimately I believe that rest and sleep is the key!

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