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This summer has been crazy fun & mega busy! Hence I haven’t updated my blog in a while…

So , here’s what I’ve been up to lately…

TEDx Talk

At the start of this year, I wrote down a list of goals for 2018. I also wrote down my ten year goals. (yes I am that person! I blood love goal setting) One of the things on my list was to speak at a TEDx event. Well sometimes, opportunities come up a lot sooner than we expect them to! I was waiting to board a flight at Heathrow airport one morning in February, and I got an email asking if I would speak at TEDxMauerpark in Berlin. I was absolutely buzzing! I boarded the flight and then had twelve hours to think about what my talk would be about. I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to share both my mission and my own story.

My TEDx talk is now live on YouTube…



Over the last few months I have been working with Tresemme as part of their ‘Be Your Own Pro’ campaign. I love this campaign message as it is all about mastering a skill and becoming a pro. As you know, I am huge believer in the power of neuro-plasticity and our ability to acquire any skill, if we firstly believe that we can do it, then are wiling to work incredibly hard for it!

It was great to be a part of this campaign. It was the first time I’ve ever been a part of a hair campaign. It was even featured in Marie Claire magazine! Huge thank you for Tresemme for including me in this campaign. Representing for the curly girl crew!


Marie Claire

As well as the hair feature, this month I was also featured in Marie Claires ‘Power With Purpose‘ list! I was named as one of the women using social media to have a positive impact. Many of the other women named on the list, are women that I really look up to and admire, so it was incredibly flattering to be featured! Thanks Marie Claire. You absolutely made my day! Go check out some of these fab women …
@FreddieHarrel @ZannaVanDijk @StyleMeSunday @CarlyRowena @Mre.Soeur

Urban Decay

After spending the last six months working on my public speaking and writing over twenty different talks. I was SO happy when Urban Decay reached out and invited me to deliver a talk at their annual company summit. I spoke to over seven hundred people about confidence and individuality. I then interviewed, model and body positivity activist, Felicity Hayward. It was such an amazing experience and it just confirmed to me that I want to use my voice and my passion to host more talk this year. Watch this space!

Get To Know

This summer, unfortunately our schedules have been so busy! Hayley, AJ and I, have barely been on the same continent for long. However, we’ll be back very soon I promise! I’ve met so many inspiring women this year, I will be enlisting them to share their magic with our Get To Know community as soon as possible.



I am now the Master Trainer at FIIT, aka the newest fitness app, on a mission to make fitness more accessible, affordable and effective. FIIT only launched a few months ago but they already have thousands of users. It’s been great to work with some of London’s best fitness trainers. So far, I have created over one hundred workouts for the app. Click here for all the info. 


Marathon Training

I started my marathon training this year with fierce determination. I learnt a lot from my first marathon in London last year and this time around, I began to see the rewards of sticking to a training plan consistently. I prioritised both running and sleep like never before and the results have been MEGA!! Sleep has been the real game changer. As a morning runner, shout out to the 6am crew!, I became committed to going to bed before 10pm every night. It might sound boring, but do you know what is even more boring than that? Listening to someone complain about how tired they are all the time. We all know those people! So after two months of solid training in June and July, things changed quite a lot in August. We had not one, but two family holidays. The first was to France and the second was to Mexico. I know how insanely lucky we are! Traveling and making memories with Rob and Jude is literally at the top of my priority list. Nothing makes me happier!


Yesterday, I completed my last long training run. Before I went out, I was a little nervous that I would suffer as a result of my two weeks off. (I have no regrets, those Mexican Pina  Coladas were insane!) I was planning on running 16 miles but I managed 18. It’s only three weeks until race day. I’m equally excited and terrified! I know how hard running a marathon really is. For the next few weeks I will be focusing on speed training, lots of shorter speed runs and interval training. I plan to run three or four times each week and I’ll be going to bed early as much as possible.

My current obsessions ;

Podcast – This week my podcast has been replaced by audio books. I’m currently listening to Kevin Hart’s book, ‘ I can’t make this up’. It’s both hilarious and moving. I’m only four hours in to the 18 hour book narration. If you don’t yet have the audible app. Download it today. I’m getting through loads of books that I don’t have time to read.
Food – I’ve re-discovered bagels recently. OMG I’d forgotten how good they are. Who knew a bagel and a cup of tea could bring me so much joy!
Travel – Tonight, I’m editing a vlog for YouTube of our family Mexico trip. What a place! I can’t recommend it enough. The food, weather & the people were all amazing.
Races – After Berlin, I already have my next race lined up. I’m running the Royal Parks Half Marathon in London in October.
Guilty Pleasure – Scrolling on Right Move. We are currently saving to buy a house, so I scroll through the Right Move app for inspo. Oh and the World Cup! I’m not into football at all but this summer I totally got behind the England team and I loved it. It was Jude’s highlight of the summer for sure.

So … that’s life lately.

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