FIIT Master Trainer | Adrienne LDN



I’m so excited to FINALLY share that I am now the official Master Trainer at FIIT!


What is FIIT?

FIIT is an interactive fitness app, that brings boutique fitness classes direct to your living room. The app offers cardio workouts, strength training, mobility, yoga & pilates. You can choose either a twenty five minute class or a forty minute class and you can choose which classes and which trainers you want to workout with. It’s like Netflix for fitness! 

The best thing about FIIT is that it is interactive, so as well as getting a great workout, you can also see your heart rate on the screen and track your reps as you train.

Over the last six years, whilst working in the fitness industry, I’ve seen a lot of people struggle to make a change in their life and to sustain a more active lifestyle. Whether that is due to a lack of motivation, a lack of time, a lack of money, the list goes on. FIIT offers a solution for so many people by making fitness accessible for everyone. Often the reason that I train with clients in their homes is because they don’t have the confidence to get to a gym environment, but not everyone can afford to have a personal trainer twice each week. The FIIT team are all incredibly passionate about helping millions of people across the world to live a more active life.

So, what have I been up to at the FIIT HQ as the Master Trainer…

Well, I have been working with FIIT for almost a year. I have been consulting on the fitness product, testing classes, creating workouts, and collaborating with some incredible trainers to make the FIIT classes fun, safe, and to ensure that all FIIT users achieve results.


Get Involved

The app officially launched in April and so far the response has been insane! There is now a huge library of classes for all abilities and today we launched TWO of my own workouts, designed specifically for FIIT, so you can now train with me whenever and wherever you want to! You can sign up by heading to the FIIT site, just hit ‘Join now’. CLICK HERE 

Stay Connected

FIIT have already gained an awesome community of users that share their class stats and their feedback online. Often people post sweaty selfies on Instagram stories after completing one of the classes with #FIITGOTREAL Head over to @FIIT on instagram to join the FIIT Fam!

Sometimes, you just have to try something for yourself to see how good it really is. I’m mega excited to be apart of the FIIT team!