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What a summer! It’s been so amazing and I really can’t believe that it’s September already. Here’s the latest …

Summer started with a bang! I flew out to LA for a photoshoot with adidas. Since becoming an ambassador at the start of this year, I’ve learnt so much about the brand and their message. The whole shoot felt like a celebration of women, strength, individuality and creativity. Adidas are challenging conventional beauty standards and empowering women through sport. I am mega proud to be a part of their squad.img_7692-1-7300220Schools Out
Jude’s been at home enjoying the school holidays. We’ve had playdates, swimming lessons, cinema trips, bike rides, hours of LEGO and a few nights at Nanny and Grandads. Ah the life of a six year old! I know many parents find the summer holidays challenging for lots of different reasons. Let’s be honest, it’s exhausting and expensive! BUT I’ve loved having so much time all together as family. It’s scary how fast time goes and I want to squeeze as much out of these days as possible.img_8639-2559147Road Trip
We packed up the car and set off for an eight hour journey to France. Two hours into the trip, our car broke down! Not the best start to our holiday but we did eventually make it to Les Ormes in Dol-de-Bretagne.img_9637-1771250
We’ve never been to rural France before and I only know about ten french words, but we had the BEST time. img_9636-4928608We stayed in a raft house on a lake for a few days, before staying in a treehouse! It’s worth mentioning that the treehouse comes with complimentary spiders! I am terrified of spiders so I had to sleep under a mosquito net, whilst wearing a hoody zipped up to my eyes! The treehouse had no plug sockets and no 3G, so I had a mini digital detox too.
We went running in the mornings and discovered the beautiful nearby town of Combourg. The whole place is so idilic and picturesque.img_5794-178583610 days of no work! We ate croissants everyday, drank wine and stayed up late. Best holiday ever!processed-with-vsco-with-f2-preset-102Training
I haven’t had a training routine or a strict plan over the summer. However, I’ve been running twice each week (countdown is on to CityRuns), I’ve done a few HIIT sessions and I’ve been teaching classes at the adidas Brick Lane studio. I absolutely LOVE teaching group classes! I made an epic playlist of old tunes and we were all singing and squatting to the beat!img_6517-2576100
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It’s all happening !! Our launch event is officially SOLD OUT and I can not wait for this to kick off! If you don’t know about ‘Get To KNOW’ … click here for all of the info img_8434-3786755

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Ain’t no party like a three stripe party! To celebrate the release of the originals EQT range, adidas hosted a night with Charlie XCX, Mura Masa & Steff London at their Creator Studio, Victoria House. Out, out with the team! (on a school night!)img_7096-5453356olympus-digital-camera-10olympus-digital-camera-processed-with-vsco-with-f2-preset-3Favourites –
Here’s a list of my current obsessions –
Game of Thrones (OBVS)
Alpro Hazelnut Ice Cream. It takes like Nutella & it’s vegan. Winner!
– Sonia from Eastenders memes. One of the main reasons that I love the internet.
– Aveda essential oils body/ room sprays. I spray it all over our bedroom at night and it smells like we’re in a spa.

And that’s it for now … #TheLatest