Summer in LDN | Up at the o2  | Adrienne LDN



I love summer in the city. London has so much going on, there’s always a new place to explore and a new hot spot to eat. As a tourist visiting London, you can grab a map and go see all of the famous landmarks and attractions, but many busy londoners actually never make time to see the city’s best bits. So when I was invited to Up at The O2, a 90-minute climb over the top of London’s O2 arena to celebrate it’s 5th birthday this summer, I was mega excited to see the panoramic views across the capital.img_1905-3355551

When you arrive, you are given a jacket and a safety harness – the harness goes around your waist but also through your legs, so, my top tip would be to wear leggings or shorts (one lady was wearing a floral maxi dress, eek!). You will be also given walking boots, so make sure you bring a pair of socks!

Your harness attaches to the walkway, so there is absolutely no way that you could fall off. Urban mountaineering is a surprisingly great way to keep fit and active, and perfect for adventurous spirits. Once you get to the top, the view from the summit is amazing and you’ll be mega proud of the achievement.img_1906-6347539

You can also book this experience in the evening with a Sunset climb – The London skyline is AMAZING at dusk! I kept thinking that I would like to take Jude, but as the starting age is nine years or over… I will have to try this when he’s a bit older, as it’s the perfect activity to enjoy with families over the summer. 

And to continue Up at The O2’s birthday celebrations, adventurous families or friends of five will be offered a free climb for the fifth member until the end of October, book and use code ‘BIRTHDAY’ to claim the complimentary fifth climb. Get all the info over on the official website… click here Up At The O2