6 Reasons to Get Up at 6 | Adrienne LDN



Okay, so if you’ve ever watched my Instagram stories, then you’ll already know that most days, I am up and out before 7am. I haven’t always been such an early bird, but over the last eight months, I have witnessed the change in my life due to this one daily practice. Getting up at 6am each day is a game changer! Here’s why …

  1. Productivity How many times have you said ‘I don’t have enough time to… read/ workout/ meditate/ etc? We all have busy lives, but we all have the same amount of time each day, it’s just about prioritising what you really want. Whether you are studying, starting your own business, raising kids etc, getting up early will give you some uninterrupted time each day to get #*it done.

    Make 6-7 your power hour!

  2. Less Stress
    The way you start your morning will have a domino effect on the rest of the day. Most people that are late will say that they ‘absolutely hate being late’. It makes us feel stressed out an anxious. If you rush out of the door, feeling scrappy and unorganised, you’re just making life harder for yourself. Join the 6am club and give yourself more time to breathe.
  3. Morning Miles I often get my run or workout done before 7am. That way I know it’s done before I start my day and I don’t need to carry a bag of kit and trainers around with me either. I don’t like to sweat wearing make up, as it causes my skin to breakout. I do my workout first thing with a fresh face, then I jump in the shower and do my hair and make up routine after. (Routine is probably an exaggeration, I basically use moisturiser and bronzer)

    Apparently, working out in the morning boosts your metabolism and get all of your systems fired up. I’m not sure if that is evidence based or just a myth but hey it ain’t gonna do you any harm that’s for sure.

  4. Eat Right Having more time in the mornings means that you’re more likely to eat a good breakfast. If you get up late and leave the house without breakfast, it will probably result in you later queuing for a coffee and croissant from Pret.

    If you’re feeling fancy you could whip us some eggs and a smoothie, you’ve got plenty of time so sit down and enjoy your brekkie.

  5. Self Disciple
    Let’s be honest, when that alarm goes off, sometimes it feels like you’ve been asleep for about seven minutes! But, once it becomes a daily habit, your body will adjust and get used to it. You’ll be surprise how that self disciple will then translate into other aspects of your life too. If you set yourself a goal of getting up at 6am everyday this week, and then you absolutely nail it, it gives you a little reminder that you can smash ANY goal that you set. Give it a go!
  6. Less Distractions
    I am very easily distracted, so it helps that I’m up and getting things done before standard biz hours. I can power through my emails or order my food shopping online (yes I do that at 6am) in peace and quiet. Also, try making a no phone rule, so even though you’re up at 6am, you don’t check your phone until 7am. *see reason number 5, now that is some ninja style self discipline!)

Still not convinced? Grab any self development book and it will tell you that getting up early really is a game changer. I honestly believe this is essential for success because I’ve seen the benefits myself. I now start the day feeling calm and ready to tackle my to-do list, instead of trying to beat the clock and never having ‘enough time’.