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It’s almost the end of May so here’s the latest update …

I started the month in Spain, I went to La Coruna for my friend Kimberley’s hen weekend. I’ve known Kim for over 12 years, we met at college and became besties in week one. This weekend Rob, Jude and I are road tripping to St Ives for her wedding by the beach. I LOVE weddings! Even more than I love seeing Jude wearing a waistcoat ????img_8439-7090417

After the marathon, it seemed to take me ages to recover. I had a foot injury that was really painful and mentally I sort of felt relived that the strict marathon training plan no longer dictated my schedule, so I gave myself a well earned rest. After two weeks of no training, I started to really crave those endorphins, so, I grabbed my resistance bands and I did a 20 minute HIIT workout in the living room. It was only 20 mins but man did I feel the burn! Since then I’ve been training 3 times a week and I’m back running now too. Thankfully my foot is completely healed. Oo and I’ve signed up to The Royal Parks Half Marathon in October. olympus-digital-camera-9

I’ve recently changed my sleep habits, I’m going to bed much earlier, about 10pm. (that’s really early for me) and I’m getting up at 6am most days. I figured out that between 10pm and midnight, I wasn’t really doing anything productive at all. I was either watching a TV series or browsing on ASOS. Both of which are things I can live without. I’m much more productive when I wake up at 6am, somedays I go for a run, other days I tackle the emails or write notes, lists and ideas in my planner. If you’re wincing at the though of getting up at 6am every day, maybe try setting your alarm for just 20 minutes earlier. Try it for a week, it’s a game changer!img_2075-3972333

Last Sunday, Rob, Jude and I, spent the day walking and scooting around town. We walked along one of my favourite running routes, from Embankment to Tower Bridge. Jude absolutely loves splash pads and fountains, so he couldn’t resist scooting right through the middle of the water. Look at his face! That joy is priceless.img_4719-6028554


Earlier this month a lovey lady reached out to me about mentoring. I wasn’t sure if I was qualified for the role or if I would have the time to fully commit. However, my gut feeling was instantly to say yes. I wish I’d had someone a few years ago when I first started my personal training business or when I started this blog, to advise and support me. Someone in a similar industry that I could email or call for some real talk. I’m really excited to help my mentee and I’m sure that the experience alone will teach me as much as I hope to teach her.

Also, I’m currently working on a really cool project with adidas UK. I’m not able to share much about it at the moment, which is mega frustrating for me as I am not a secretive person AT ALL. However, the very minute that I get the green light from the adidas team, I’ll spill the beans! promise ????img_5073-e1495727794434-2807786

OBSESSED My current obsessions include…

 Cocao & Almond Balls – by Deliciously Ella (they taste like a chocolate brownie).

Slogan Tee Shirts – I’m rockin a ‘Super Hero’ tee that I got in Mango last week.
Journaling – Game changer when it comes to productivity.
Skin Care – I love Origins skin care, I’ve been using it for about a year now. I recommend it to everyone, in particular the ‘By All Greens’ face wash and the ‘Ginzing’ moisturiser.processed-with-vsco-with-hb2-preset-6