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Eat the Week with Iceland – Sporty Episode – Pancake Recipe

This weekend’s brunch is inspired by Chanel 4’s Eat the Week with Iceland. Each week there is a new episode that showcases recipe ideas for busy families. TV chef Simon Rimmer and Iceland’s frozen food experts are sharing their knowledge and teaching us the power of frozen!

I have a draw full of berries and veggies in our freezer, it’s great for making smoothies and soups. Using the freezer means that our family wastes less food and it’s also a great way to enjoy foods that are out of season. For example, I love asparagus, it’s a spring vegetable but you can get frozen veggies all year round and they’re still packed full of goodness. Winner!

Here is the pancake recipe from this Sunday’s episode. (You can view all of Episode 3’s full recipes here.)
When I first saw this recipe, I wasn’t sure if I would like the basil dressing. Basil and berries isn’t a flavour combo that I’ve ever tried before but it’s actually SO TASTY! I’m definitely going to be making it again. Ever Jude gave it a thumbs up.


200g buckwheat flour 50g caster sugar 2g salt 5g bicarbonate of soda 50ml melted butter 1 egg 475 buttermilk 75g blueberries

50g cottage cheese