Yesterday I hosted a workout for adidas by Stella McCartney along side Zanna Van Dijk. We were also joined by global supermodel and fellow adidas ambassador, Karlie Kloss!download-62

It was amazing to see over a hundred women coming together to kick start their day with a mega tough workout. It was a celebration of sweat, strength and empowerment!

It’s not everyday that you get to work out with a super model!

I know that everyone in the room would agree that Karlie looked absolutely incredible. She was wearing the latest adidas by Stella McCartney and FYI she told us that the high neck sports bras are her favourite piece from the new collection. Karlie’s schedule is crazy! You’ll know if you follow her on snapchat that she literally travels through time zones on the daily. Jet set life. So how the heck does she make time to workout? Well, she told us that she always packs a pair of ultraboost trainers in her suitcase so that she can hit the gym or head out to the streets for a run, where ever she is in the world.


Who Run The World?

We worked it out to Beyoncé before heading to the photo booth for a selfie. Often on social media we see our fitspo post a pre workout snap looking fresh faced and glowing, but the reality might look a lot different after an hour long HIIT session or a 5 mile run. But who really cares if you’re red faced and your hair is a mess!? The focus should be on how you feel after a great workout instead of how you look.


After the workout Karlie lead by example and was the first one to pose for her photo. One word … GOALS!

‘We sweat, and we don’t care’ KK

So if you still haven’t been to adidas womens studio in London … what are you waiting for!? Go to Facebook and sign up the adidas womens page and hopefully I’ll see you at the studio soon. Head over to my instagram to see more.


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