London Marathon – 1 Week To Go ! | Adrienne LDN



With only one week to go, before I take on the biggest running challenge of my life, I thought I’d share a final update …

It’s no doubt that the London marathon is one of the most iconic races in the world! To be honest, I don’t really know what to expect as I’ve never run a marathon before but as it gets closer to the big day, one thing I know is that I want to actually enjoy it! I may never run a marathon again, (never say never) so I’m just gonna do my best and take it all in. I don’t want to let other peoples expectations or pressure ruin it for me.

ME, MYSELF AND I. I’ve always been very competitive, ever since I was a child, it’s not something that I’m proud of but it’s just the way that I am. It’s not necessarily about being the best at something or winning, but anything that I do, I have to give it absolutely 100%, nothing less.

Well, one things for sure, training for a marathon is incredible humbling! This is a race that I definitely aint gonna win! It has not been easy and at times I’ve questioned if I would even be able to do it. I have never trained for an endurance event before, the last three months have been as much of a metal challenge as it has been a physical one. Doing something that you’re not naturally good at is really tough and trust me, endurance running does not feel natural for me at all!