Back To Basics | Adrienne LDN



As a lover of fashion and all things stylish, I often find myself standing in my bedroom, staring at my wardrobe feeling unimpressed and frustrated. First world problems, I know. Like so many women, I actually have far too many clothes, shoes, coats and bags to even fit into a wardrobe! I have different cloths for different occasions/seasons/moods etc, an eclectic mix of denim shirts, tailored trousers, pleated skirts, logo jumpers and way to many navy and striped t-shirts. Not to mention those items that I never wear but still love too much to throw out. It’s a mess!

Every so often I sort through the rails and I donate any unwanted clothes to the local clothes bank or charity shop. I can be pretty ruthless once I get going but I still end up in the same situation a few months later, and yet ‘I have nothing to wear!’

olympus-digital-camera-2Okay so it’s Saturday morning, it’s an hour before we are supposed to be leaving the house, I’m standing in our bedroom semi nude with a pile of clothes on our bed that resembles a sale in TK MAXX. I’ve tried on six different pairs of trousers, the top that I wanted to wear is in the washing basket, I don’t have a jacket that goes with this outfit so I guess I’ll have to freeze my butt off today to achieve effortless sartorial success. Oh and I’ve brought Jude a new shirt and high tops from ZARA kids so he’s chillin and is ready to go. (outfit on point, aged 5.) Come on Mama, get it together!

Firstly I blame the Great British weather, I mean summer outfits are so easy right? Not to mention that wearing raybans just pulls any look together. Besides the weather though, the main problem that I have is too much choice. I’m tempted to detox my entire wardrobe and go for the simple chic capsule wardrobe thing that I keep reading about. Apparently if you have the right key pieces, you can mix and match your outfits, rotate a few accessories and stop wasting your money and time. I’m definitely tempted but is it really that easy? How many items can I have? I don’t really follow fashion trends so I’m not to worried about that but surly it gets a bit boring after a while. Also I like bright colours and I imagine a capsule wardrobe to be pretty minimalist and monochrome.

If I had to narrow it down to 12 items … I’d start off with

  • A black leather jacket
  • A great pair of jeans
  • A white T-shirt
  • A white shirt
  • A grey blazer
  • A bomber jacket
  • A pair of black trousers
  • A bright chunky knit jumper
  • A pair of baggy boy fit jeans
  • A logo sweatshirt
  • A maxi skirt
  • A pair of dungarees

That doesn’t include shoes, accessories, special occasion outfits and don’t even talk to me about workout kit! I can imagine it would be mega cathartic and I know Rob would be very please if our bedroom was more like an actual bedroom and less like we’re sleeping in my walk in wardrobe.

olympus-digital-camera-3Have you ever been tempted to clear it all out and go back to basics? I think you can have up to 33 items but that includes shoes, accessories and bags too. You would be helping to save the planet as well as saving some cash. Well maybe after a shopping trip for those new basic essentials!! ????