F.A.Q adidas ultraBOOSTX | Adrienne LDN



For the last four weeks I have been running (A LOT) in the brand new women’s running shoe, the  ultraBOOSTX. Adidas have created a shoe, specifically designed for the female athlete. It is a fusion of two of my favourite running shoes, the ultraBOOST and the pureBOOSTX.img_8253-9714909

One of the things that I love the most about running is that it can not be defined and that makes it accessible to everyone! It doesn’t matter how far you go, or how fast, if you run, then you are a runner. I have been running constantly for almost three years, this year I’m facing my biggest running challenge so far, as I will be taking on the London Marathon in April.
It’s really important for me to be running in the best shoes, especially as I am currently clocking about 24 miles each week. In an attempt to remain injury free whilst training, I have been supporting my road running with some treadmill sessions, cycling and resistance training too. I’ve been wearing the ultraBOOSTX for 90% of my training. From a technical perspective, they tick every box for me as well as the fact that the silhouette and colour way look great too.

img_7787-1-4690294Last month I went to the global launch event of the ultraBOOSTX in San Francisco. At the launch we were invited to test out the shoes over five different running routes as well as speaking to the shoe designer and creative team from the adidas head quarters in Germany.  (see my video of our trip to America here)

img_8445-8638778I’ve had quite a few questions on Twitter and Instagram about the ultraBOOSTX so I thought I’d share a few of my answers here –

  1. What running distance is this shoe designed for?
    Depending on your running gait, I think that it’s a personal choice for you and the amount of support needed. It has been designed to support your foot over any distance. So far the longest run I have done in them is 10 miles (90 mins). No complaints from me, my feet and legs were very happy!
  2. Do you wear them with socks?
    This one is like Marmite! I don’t wear socks with these shoes as the tight fit of the material makes the inside of the shoe almost feel like a sock. I know that some runners will gasp in horror at the thought of running without socks but maybe give it a go? YOLO
  3. Can I wear a custom insole?
    Some runners need to add an insole to their shoe for additional support, usually around the arch of the foot. The ultraBOOSTX has a floating arch that hugs the foot and so essentially negates the need for insoles. However, if you have a very specific gait that require an insole, it may not fit inside this trainer correctly. I suggest trialling the shoe before you buy a pair. (You can trial the shoe at the adidas studio in Brick Lane.)
  4. Where can I get a pair and how much do they cost?
    I recommend trying them on in store but you can also order them online. They are £129.95.
  5. What makes them different to any other running shoe?
    The main difference is that this shoe has been created specifically for us! It is not just a generic shape that is offered in different sizes. The technical fabrics and the materials used support the female foot and the way that our feet move. The science and techy stuff really does speak for itself, when you try them on you’ll understand why I am obsessed with them!img_9710-9129367