Beat the January Blues…5 Ways to Get Fit in London | Adrienne LDN



It’s already the second week in January! Apparently the third week of the month (Monday 16th to be specific) is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. Yikes! That’s when lots of people quit their new resolutions, the weather is grey and cold and everyone realises that they have about £15 to last until payday. Well, I’m an eternal optimist, whatever day it is. So, if you’re looking to boost your mood this month, do some exercise, sweat out that stress and get high on endorphins!

Here are a few of my top picks for training in London…

  1. Running – There are loads of beautiful places to run in London, it’s the best way to see the city. If you’re looking for a fun crew to join then check out the London Midnight Runners. As the name suggests they are a night running crew.
    If you’re more of a morning person then check out LDN Bruch Club or Adidas Runners London.
  2. HIIT – For a mega tough HIIT workout check out F45. It’s a challenging interval training session. If you like battle ropes, rowing and burpees then you’ll love it! They have two studios in London, one by London Bridge & one in Parsons Green. Also, at the moment they are offering 7 days for £7. Winner! (It is January after all)
  3. Yoga – Check out Annie Clarke, Steffy White & Phoebe Greenacre. I don’t go to yoga very often at the moment. (My running training has taken over this winter) but when I do go, I absolutely love it. I like Vinyasa flow as it’s physically challenging and my body always feels great afterwards! img_3833-7239445
  4. Dance – I love a good dance class! If you want a fun aerobic workout then head to FRAME studios. They have so many different classes, you’ll definitely find one that you love. They even do themed weekend workshops, where you can learn the choreo to Beyonce and MJ music videos! AMAZING! frames-8354836
  5. Ride – I’ll confess, I’m not a huge fan of spin classes but I have some friends that absolutely love it. It’s definitely a love/hate kinda thing. If you’re looking for a class in London then check out Core Collective (West London) Boom Cycle & Another Space. P.s Another Space do the best post workout smoothies and shakes! spin-7237513

Where is your favourite place to train in London? Let’s share the love … comment below or tweet me @adrienne_ldn . Let’s kick those winter blues and tone our butts at the same time. NAMA- SLAY!