Winter Workout X Stylist Magazine. | Adrienne LDN



Earlier this year I teamed up with Stylist magazine to share my top tips for winter training. It can be hard to motivate yourself when it’s grey and cold outside, here’s how I’m planning to keep on track.

  1. Take Time For You – We all have mega busy lives. Don’t let work, kids, and other commitments stop you from training. Going out for a run or an hour yoga class may be the only hour of the day that you’re doing something for yourself. Make it a priority, you’ll feel happier and more energised when you return.1m3a1464-3886029
  2. Make Fitness Fit – Make fitness a part of your everyday lifestyle, instead of another thing on your to-do lis. For example – Walk, rather than drive the kids to school and if they have scooters, put on your trainers and jog along side them. 1m3a1639-9130140
  3. That Feeling – One of the best things about HIIT is the feeling that you get afterwards. It really boosts your mood. Winter can make us feel sleepy and lethargic , but HIIT gets your blood pumping so you can face the day with energy.adrienne-4-of-5-8425374
  4. Mix It Up – If you’re bored of the same old workout routine, challenge yourself and mix it up. Find a new running route. download a new playlist or try a new gym class.adrienne-2-of-5-2464756
  5. Get Winter Kit – Having the right training gear is essential. You need your kit to have strong technical elements, fabrics that breathe, absorb sweat and move with you. I absolutely love this adidas Stella McCartney kit!adrienne-3-of-5-5138607
  6. Turn It Up – Music is my main motivation! I have a playlist for everything from upbeat to power to stretching and relaxing. You can follow my playlists on Spotify.

It’s almost Christmas and so I’ll be spending a week with family and friends celebrating, eating lovely food and I’ll probably forgo my usual workout. I’m going to make the most of the rest and get back to it next week. It’s eleven weeks until I run my first half marathon, yet another reason to lace up and hit the streets this winter.

You can follow my winter training progress on Twitter & Instagram @adrienne_ldn