AJ Bell Triathlon

We did it! On Saturday I joined mega fitspo gals Hayley and AJ to complete a team relay triathlon. What an incredible experience! Almost a week later, I’m still feeling so inspired!

The London Triathlon is hosted over two days and is the worlds largest triathlon. This year there were more than 13,000 participants! We arrived at the Excel London at midday, the centre is huge so we spent the first hour navigating our way to registration etc. Luckily, we had Hayley with us. Hayley is an accomplished triathlete and she completed the course last year as an individual (my hero!) AJ and I were complete newbies and to be honest, we were clueless!

Hayley took on the 1500m swim, before handing over to AJ who cycled 40k and then finally, I ran 10k. I stood at the side of the water and watched as the swimmers got into the water and waited at the start line. The open water swim looked so scary and overwhelming to me, I literally had butterflies as I stood cheering for Hayley. As I’ve mentioned before, I’d love to be able to complete an individual triathlon but I’ve got some serious work to do before I’ll be confident enough to attempt an open water swim. However, I’m determined to give it a go, so I’ve signed up for a one to one swimming lesson next week! Eeeek!

If you’re looking for a fun fitness challenge then I’d definitely recommend a team relay triathlon.  It’s so much fun! Here’s a few basics that you need to know …

Having the right kit is essential for making around the course safely. The race officials are very strict so make sure you read the info in your race pack before the day.

Swim – You need a wetsuit, swim cap, goggles. Remember to take a pair of trainers too so you can run across the finish line with you team members at the end. Make sure that you have completed the distance previously and practice swimming in open water. It’s a lot different to swimming in the pool. Most importantly … Don’t panic! Someone please remind of that one!

Cycle – You need a bike, (ideally a road bike) and a helmet. Your helmet will be checked to make sure that it fits properly and that it is not cracked or broken. There are no water stations on the route so take a water bottle on your bike. Grab yourself a pair of padded cycling shorts, they’ll make the ride a lot more comfortable!

Run – You need a good pair of trainers, I run in adidas ultraboost as they are the absolute best running shoe for me. Saturday was really hot so suncream and shades were essential. Remember that the run is last so try to reserve your energy. I was so excited in the morning (mostly because I met Mel C! yes, actual sporty spice!!) I was whooping and cheering for my team mates for ages before I remembered that I had to get ready to run 6 miles. 🙂

Lastly, remember to enjoy it! Of course some people are there to compete but if it’s your first triathlon, don’t worry about the times. It’s so inspiring to see so many people taking part, all different ages and abilities. I can’t wait for the next one!

Sign up at the official London Tri website here.