So, when it comes to running, I’ve discovered that 10k is the perfect race distance for me. I’m totally amazed by marathon runners, I admire their dedication because I know the training is not only time consuming but also mega tough on the body. I don’t know if I’d ever be able to complete a marathon and I think I would just hate the training. I always tell people that when it comes to fitness you should do what you love. I enjoy running shorter speedy races, 10k races are perfect for me.

This weekend I’ll be racing again, here’s how I’m preparing to cross the finish line.


Pre race fuel is mega important, I will be starting the day with porridge and a banana and date smoothie. I’ll start increasing my water intake the day before the race and on the way to the race I’ll grab a Bounce ball or Nakd bar as well.


I know it sounds boring but consistency is key! I’ve been running longer slow steady runs as well as interval sessions and sprints. Once I sign up to a race, I write it on the calendar and work backwards to schedule in my training. Write your programme out on paper or into a diary, it helps to see it clearly and it motivates you to train on those days when you feel like missing it.


Running in the right kit makes the race so much more enjoyable. Invest in a good pair of running shoes and wear the right clothes for the weather. If it’s hot on Sunday I’ll be running in shorts, I’ll also have my light weight water proof jacket tied around my waist incase it rains, it is London after all.


I love running with music so I always have a playlist to keep me going. You can follow my RUN playlist here. I have some friends that like to run to podcasts, I’ve never tried it but it seems like a very efficient use of time right? Maybe I’ll try it for training but I’m not sure it would be a good idea for a race.


The best thing about this weekends event is that I’ll be part of an awesome team! I’m taking part in the AJ Bell triathlon with two mega inspiring gals, Hayley jane Warnes and AJ Odudu! Signing up for events with your mates is not only way more fun than going solo but it also means that you have to commit to the training and show up on the big day. Hayley will be starting us off by swimming 1500 meters, then she’ll pass the baton to AJ who will cycle 40k, then finally I’ll be running 10k to the finish line.

Head over to my snapchat, you_adrienne on Sunday morning to see us cross the line!

Also check out my instagram next week as I’ll be announcing the info for an Olympic inspired track workout with myself and PUMA!!