Up for a challenge? This summer I’ll be running 5K everyday throughout August. I’m currently reading a book about habits, apparently it is human nature to constantly repeat things that we do each day, both good and bad. (oh hey Nutella) Personally, I think that I have quite an addictive personality, I never do anything 50% I’m all or nothing. Whilst reading the book I have been thinking about my own habits and I am attempting to make some new ones.

So, I thought I’d challenge myself and anyone else that wants to join me, to run 5K each day for a month. I have seen lots of different run challenges online, but I feel like 5K is a realistic distance for me to do everyday. I enjoy running in the morning so I’ll probably do most of my runs before breakfast. To make it more fun I will be inviting lots of friends to get involved and you can easily join/share the challenge online by using hashtag #5Kaday and your own name e.g. #adrienne5Kaday


First up, I’ll be joining my women crush Hayley Jane from BreakTheLoop. We’ll be lacing up together on August 1st to kick start the challenge! Grab your kit and come run with us!


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