As a lover of all things fitness and fashion, I was mega happy to be invited to the ELLE magazine HQ to lead their team on a lunch time workout. I have been an ELLE subscriber for as long as I can remember and I love that ELLE regularly talks about women’s health, fitness and sport. High fashion brands often have a bed reputation when it comes to promoting a ‘healthy’ body image. It’s encouraging to see that the team at ELLE are inspiring women across the world to be healthy, active and to stay fit.

Last month I attended a talk hosted by ELLE at Selfridges in London. The panel of incredible women, including Lorraine Candy and Sophie Everard, were discussing sport and how female leaders and role models can encourage the next generation to access and participate in sport. It frustrates me so much that there is still a huge gap in gender equality within sport. Thank you ELLE for waving the flag for us gals!


I met the ELLE team at their office, my eyes widened as I wondered passed the ‘Fashion Cupboard’ aka a fashion treasure chest! The team changed into their fit kit and we set off to Green Park for a 30 minute training session. I lead them through a warm up and some fast feet drills up and down the park steps. We continued running through the park before finding an area to stop, squat, plank and of course stretch. Even if you work in the centre of London then you’re never to far from a park. Lunch time workouts are a great way to get out of the office, get some fresh air, unplug from your emails and give your brain a break. Endorphins boost your mood as well as improving concentration. Winner!


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