Blogger Photography Tips | Adrienne LDN



Here are my top tips for taking great photos.

Anyone who knows me will know that I love taking photos. My favourites are displayed all over the house and I love making photo albums and scrap books. Long before Instagram existed I used to snap candid photos of my friends &  family, I carried around a huge Nikon camera on holidays, I even took photos for a family wedding. I’ve always loved curating images that capture a real moment. So, I thought I’d share some of my top tips for taking great photos. It really doesn’t matter whether you’re using an SLR, a compact camera or an iphone, the same rules apply.

1. Light. Probably the most important thing when taking photos is lighting. Daylight is the best light for faces as it’s the most natural. If you can’t get outside to take the photograph, make the room is as light as possible. Open the curtains and take the photo near to a window. Always make sure the light (the window) is behind you. (the photographer)

2. Edit. There are so many brilliant ways to edit your photos, you can download apps for free onto your ipad or iphone. You can add filters use different affects and crop the size and shape of the photograph.
Here’s a photo of Rob, Jude & I. I took this snap with an iPhone 6 front camera and then edited it with two different apps Afterlight & Instagram.


3. Close Ups. You can’t beat a close up to show the details or texture of an object. I also love to shoot close up portraits of my son. Children have such beautiful faces and their expressions are so honest. A good shot will capture their personality and mood at that moment. Close ups are also great for colourful photos like this. . .


4. Action Shots. If you’re posing for a photograph, it can sometimes look a little bit flat and contrived. Shake it off and move around, take a few photos and then select the best one. It’s rare that a four year old is willing to stand still for longer than five minutes in front of a camera, so when taking photos of your kids, you often have no choice but to go for the action shot. Snap away while they are riding their bike or playing at the beach. The photo will be a great memory of that day.

5. Background. Less is more. I think it’s best to choose a plain background, so the focus is on the object or person. If you’re out, find a plain brick wall, bright door etc. If you’re at home make sure that you haven’t got to much noise in the background, mirrors, tv screens etc.

6. Top Tip. It doesn’t have to be perfect. The best photos are the ones that are honest and original. Don’t spend too long to trying to create a certain style, it will look and feel fake. Also avoid trying to recreate someone else’s work, get creative and do your own thing.

I hope that you find these photo tips helpful. Happy snapping!