‘A Perfect Sunday’ | Adrienne LDN



Sunday is quickly becoming my favourite day. The week days are always mega busy, training clients, teaching classes, school runs, housework, emails etc! Sometimes, I feel like there are two me’s running around. One of me is doing Mummy duties, attending birthday parties, reading dinosaur books & singing phonics songs. The other me, is leading fitness events, modelling active wear, balancing upside down in a headstand & running through London at midnight! (literally) I have always loved being busy and I really enjoy the variety that each week brings as a personal trainer & a fitness blogger. However, sometimes just looking at the calendar makes my head spin. I try to find a balance for both my body & mind, it is so important to rest and to have some time off. I always look forward to Sundays. A day with my boys, no work, no rushing & no plans.

Yesterday was one of these days. . . .

We were woken up early by Jude, (4 year olds don’t believe in lie-ins) and we ate breakfast in our pyjamas, whilst trying to decide how to spend our day. The sun was tempting us outside, so we laced up and set off to the forest on our bikes.

Autumn is the best time of year for outdoor adventures! It’s not too hot, not too cold, and the scenery is beautiful! Even though I drive along these roads most days, the view is so much better when you’re on a bike.


The route was exactly 6 miles from our house to the forest. We went straight to the forest cafe for a drink and a rest. We saw some of Jude’s friends from school and Rob was also chatting to a guy he knew from work. Hatfield Forest is a very popular place for families & dog walkers. We must have looked very serious in our lycra kit & helmets. Let’s be honest, nobody looks good in a helmet but we’re all about that safety first!????


After another 6 mile ride, this time uphill, we returned home feeling hungry! I usually love cooking but to continue our theme of ‘day off’, we went to the pub for a roast dinner instead! I’m not sure Sundays get much better than this, at least not for me.


I’ve always been a planner, I enjoy planning ahead, but today was a wonderful ‘unplanned’ day. I loved every minute of it. It might not seem like anything special but I believe that there is a lot to be said for the ‘ordinary moments’ of life. Days spent having fun with people you love. . .  A Sunday well spent!