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Stretch & Strengthen !

Last night was amazing!! I led a workout for the London Midnight Runners & the UK Lorna Jane Active girls. The workout was a combination of body weight exercises, strengthening & stretches. Many runners will admit that they spend hours pounding the pavement, but they often skip their cool down & stretches. It’s so important to give those legs some post workout TLC.
Stretch & Strengthen
I always incorporate a lot of stretching & strength training with all of my clients and also in my own workouts. It’s a brilliant way to tone and sculpt the muscles. You may be thinking it sounds easy, but it is one intense workout!
Adrienne Personal Trainer
Last night we met in Hyde Park at 7.30pm, it was a little cloudy and I’m sure that I felt a few drops of rain, but that wasn’t gonna stop us! As I turned up the music on our UE MegaBoom speakers I couldn’t believe how many people were lining up and getting ready to workout.
I think the key to staying active is to find something that you really enjoy and to find a buddy to be active with. There is a huge network of women that love to be active, you can sign up to free fitness classes and events across London. Most of these events are advertised on Twitter & Instagram, all you have to do is sign up and show up. All those endorphins makes for a super friendly bunch, come join us!!
Adrienne Workout
On Saturday night I’ll be running a carnival themed 10k with the London Midnight Runners. Check out their Facebook page to sign up.

THANK YOU everyone that come to join us last night!!
London Midnight Runners


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