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‘Stretch & Strengthen’ with MODEL FIT LIFE

Here is what the girls from MODEL FIT LIFE had to say about their summer training session with me. Both Gabriella & Portia are currently leading models in the fitness industry, I met up with them last week for a ‘Stretch & Strengthen’ session in the park.

Gabriella – “The aim of our session was to learn some exercises to improve our flexibility and strengthen our muscles – something we both need to work on.

We began with some cardio intervals which increased our heart rate and warmed up our muscles. Adrienne has an amazing dance background so a lot of her exercises were great for us to use to warm up on set before a fitness shoot. We will definitely be using them in future, as you don’t need a huge space to do them.

Adrienne’s energy rubbed off on both of us as we were both raring to go after the warm up.

The session combined a range of exercises that used what seemed like every muscle in our body.

Adrienne’s knowledge of the body meant that our workout was targeting the muscle groups that we felt we needed to work on. 

We left the session feeling energised and about 10 feet taller. It was refreshing to feel like we’d done a great workout without doing a yet another high intensity training session.”

One of the things that I love the most about being a personal trainer is that I get to meet so many  wonderful people. I love training outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Even in the centre of the busiest city in the world, we managed to find a quiet spot to breathe with nobody around. I’m glad that the girls enjoyed our session, I will be leading a similar stretch session for the ‘London Midnight Runners’ on Tuesday 4th August at 7.30pm. You can sign up here !

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