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Training with Alexandra – Part 4

Session 5

I’ve been on holiday for a week in France and managed to stay healthy and do a short jog each day, which was quite tough in extreme heat even in the early hours, even managed a one hour row down the Dordogne which was lovely and was slightly over joyed that my arms didn’t ache like mad the next day!
Adrienne came this morning over and I was feeling super sluggish, that typical after holiday – don’t have the will to do anything plus a persistent headache. This session certainly felt like session one again – reminder: I CANT DO THIS, HELP! Nonetheless, I got through it and felt better afterwards and am sure that next session I will be rocking and rolling again.
One things for sure is that my body is definitely changing and I like what I’m seeing, so I’m going to endure every moment and get to my finishing point !

Session 6

I really enjoyed today’s session even if I was feeling a bit off colour, but as my next holiday is looming I thought I’d better keep my eyes on the prize. . .
We started with a 15min run and amazingly I managed a steady pace, with a little stop and gasp of air I must confess, but nonetheless I did it.
We did loads of toning work today which is my personal fave and can feel every bit of my wobbly bits firm up.
Already within just 6 sessions my body has changed and I’m feeling a lot more trim and I know that the next few sessions even more dramatic changes will happen and I’m actually excited to wear my sexy, new bikini!

Yeay! Bring on session 7 🙂

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