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Training with Alexandra – Part 3

Session 4

I’ve just had my forth session which was great. We started with running, interval training and building up to a faster and faster pace. We finished the session with strength exercises and a little bit of stretching . I like the fact that Adrienne knows exactly how I want to look ( yes, Victoria Secret model) well it’s worth a shot isn’t it…
I’ve had a demanding week at work but I see it as vital to my energy and health, to keep going and stick with it.  
Healthy eating is still going steady with zero alcohol and it’s definitely getting easier and easier every time, even if I was feeling exhausted today.

Also, I have to add that I really enjoy Adrienne’s energy and positive outlook on life!
I’m off on holiday and I will actually miss my sessions but will be keeping up the good work by running and swimming on my hols!

I absolutely love training Alex as she is totally committed. She understands that there are no quick fix tricks, or secret weight lose tea involved in my method. I have designed a programme specifically for Alex to get the results that she wants.

If you are going away on holiday soon and you want to continue training. Make a little room in your suitcase for a pair of trainers and a skipping rope, that’s all you need. Go for a quick swim before breakfast or a long walk in the evening. Of course you want to enjoy being on holiday, spending time with your family and enjoying great food. Just take a little time if and when you want to, maybe practice some fun yoga moves on the beach.

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