Earlier this week I started training with a new client, Alexandra Wood. Alex is an award winning bespoke mens suit designer & a mother to three. After the school run, she  heads to her London showroom, based in Savile Row. Oh, and I should probably mention that Alex is getting married next year. Congratulations!

Alex has kindly agreed to share her fitness journey with us and let you know what it is really like to train with me.

Over to Alex . . .

In the past, I have been through several rounds of boot camps which have been gruelling but with great results. However, I seem to constantly be prone to injury, whether it be on my neck and shoulders or on my lower back and I find that it’s very difficult to keep up that level of exercise for a long period of time.
The last set of exercises I did was the 30 day shred and I did it every morning religiously and lost two inches from my hips and waist. However, for me this was too intense and as soon as I got too busy with work or kids it became near impossible to commit to doing it everyday. 
I’ve been without exercise now for two months after injuring my neck and I have decided that I need a royal kick up the behind, so have hired the lovely Adrienne. We are going to train twice each week and get me (hopefully) in the shape I want to be, without injury.
I’m 6ft 1 and what people consider to be as ‘so skinny’ but being tall you can definitely hide a lot more sins. Yes, I am slim but this tyre straddling my waist is most certainly not welcome and the hips and bum have gone dimply and squidgy. Adrienne explained that as I have a long body, I may need to try different stomach toning techniques to target that area, which I’m really excited about as I would really love to see my pre baby wash board stomach again.

Tuesday 7th –download-42-2
Session one is over and I won’t lie to you, I was most certainly put through my paces but I know that I need someone cracking the whip or I may just resort to slobbing again. Here is a before picture for you to see what I’m up against. (Aghhhh!)
I’m going away to Greece on the 8th August and I hope to be well on my way to my dream body, so will share my progress with you just before I go…

Wish me luck
Pre measurements
Hips 41.5″
Thighs 24″
Lower waist 36″Natural waist 29.5″

I am really looking forward to working with Alex and I have suggested some of my healthy lifestyle hints to compliment our training sessions. For example drinking more water [& less wine!] ???? Many women assume that if you are a size 10 then you must be healthy and fit. To be honest, your dress size doesn’t mean a thing! ‘Health’ is about so much more.

Alex is 6ft 1 and wears a size 10/12. I am going to focus on core & upper body exercises as well as leg stretches and strengthening. This will not only help to tone the muscles but it will also improve Alex’s posture and prevent any more injuries. Our bodies are all different and so certain exercises are more suitable for different body types.

Good luck Alex, see you next week!!


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