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What A Week!

Ah Friday, it’s good to see you. I’m currently enjoying a restful morning in my baggy jeans after a super busy week of lycra & lunges.

Earlier this week I was back at the Akasha Wellness Centre in Hertfordshire. They have just added a new class to their timetable, ‘Cardio Re-former Pilates’. This class promises to get you sweating whilst sculpting and toning your arms, abs, & legs. Sounds good to me.

The Akasha exercise studio is a beautiful barn conversion, the space is full of light and it’s lovely and quiet. After a busy week of rushing around, it’s a great place to escape for some time-out, so I thought I’d go and check out their new class.

The cardio re-former class incorporates a jump board, free weights, a ball and a hoop. We performed a fusion of cardio & pilates exercises and the result was intense. My legs were shaking after just ten minutes! I wouldn’t recommend this class for beginners but if you’re looking for something challenging, that will get you super toned in time for summer, then this is the class for you. Be prepared to sweat, squeeze and stretch every muscle from head to toe! Re-former Pilates

Following my class at Akasha, the next day I was up bright and early and heading to London, for the launch of Whistles new activewear range. My alarm was set for 5.30am! It’s not often that I am awake before my 3 year old son, however, today I had two very good reasons to get up. Fashion & fitness! I was invited to try out my new workout gear at the Frame studios in Shoreditch. Our 7.30am Frame Barre class was lead by Gede Foster. A lot of the exercises in the class reminded me of my days at dance college. [I still believe that a ballet class with Andrew Wilson is the hardest workout you will ever do!] I wore the Pip Black Crop Top & Leggings, both were a perfect fit. There’s nothing more annoying during a workout than when you are distracted by things riding up, or worse, falling down! *shame
Move Your Frame

Thank you Gede for a kick ass class, and thank you Frame for the delicious breakfast & kit. I’ve already rolled out my mat in the garden, for some Savasana in the sunshine.

WhistlesxFrameHave a great weekend everyone x


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