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Yoga at The Shard.

My yoga journey has reached new heights this week, 800ft above The Shardground to be precise!

Yesterday I went to a Yogasphere class at The Shard. The class offers a unique 360 degree view of our capital city at sunrise, not a bad way to start the weekend. I did have to set my alarm for 6am and I tip toed out of the house while the boys were still in bed.

When I arrived there was a queue outside the entrance, I was surprised to see so many people there. I felt a bit like a tourist as I queued up to sign in, The Shard is absolutely beautiful and even though the weather was typically British (cloudy with a chance of anything) once we had ascended to the 69th floor, the view was incredible! The 60 minute class was lead by Leo  + Mandy, the energy was very uplifting and refreshing, the kind of yoga that I like. (not too serious).

photo 2-16

You have to pre book your space in advance and it will cost you £40, after the class we all received a goody bag and one lucky lady won a a spa prize worth over £200. It’s definitely worth getting out of bed for, although, it felt more like a one off luxury experience than a yoga practice. The class was challenging and although I believe that everyone can do you yoga, some parts may have been difficult for a complete beginner.

I will definitely be going back in the summer when the class is outside in the open air. Yoga in the clouds.

Namaste x

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