Earlier this week I was invited by the wonderful Mothers Meetings, to the Equinox Fitness club in Kensington. . . 

We got to try out one of the clubs most popular classes, ‘Whipped‘! A strength/cardio training class, that uses body bars, ropes & weights. Our workout was lead by the amazing Rory Knight, us Mama’s were soon working up a sweat in their super fancy fitness studio. The gym also offers a crèche for the kiddies, and they give you a pager just incase you’re needed.

Many Mummies say that they struggle to find the time, or even the energy, to exercise after having kids. After a busy day of feeds, changes, tantrums, &  school runs etc, it can be hard to motivate yourself to grab them trainers and do a work out. Even when you do decide to go to an exercise class, you feel guilty for leaving the kids for a couple of hours. We all need to have some time to ourselves and exercising is so important, not just for our bodies but for our minds too. Especially post pregnancy, our hormones are up and down, our sleep is interrupted and we’re only wearing yoga leggings because they’re comfortable and they hide our unwaxed legs! Ladies, you owe it to yourselves to take a couple of hours each week to be active.

Of course, you can include your kids on your fitness mission too. Walking, pushing the pram, playing at the park, scooting & bike rides, [you can tell I have a boy!] It all counts! Even if you just do ten minutes of yoga tonight before you go to bed, it’s a good start.

Being healthy and well is not just about the size of your waist, it’s so much more! Mental health, stress & anxiety, can all be improved by regular work outs too.

Thank you Mothers Meetings & Equinox for the mid week pick me up. I met some really lovely Mamas & I noticed that they were all smiling as we left the gym. (& not because the Whipped class was over) I can’t wait to head back to Kensington after Easter to use my trial pass. I will of course be trying out their impressive yoga suit. The Equinox club has a relaxed, luxury feel, I will definitely be adding it to my list of favourites!


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