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How Do You Beat the Boredom ??

I’m challenging myself this year to run further than I ever have before. My goal is to complete a half marathon this year. I usually like to do short and speedy runs, 5k or 10k races and fun charity runs.
Yesterday, as part of my training, I ran 9 miles (14.4k). I always run to music and this usually helps to motivate and inspire me. I often see runners without headphones and I always think to myself ‘Aren’t they bored?’  At about one hour into my run, I started to get bored and became very aware of my aching legs. I know that if I am going to complete a half marathon, then I will need to continue doing these longer runs.

So, what do you do to beat the boredom whilst running?

Whenever I go running with a friend or client, the time seems to go much more quickly, but those long solo runs are no fun. I know some other runners say that they love running alone, it’s their escape, their ‘me time’. I’m more social, I’m a chatterbox and I’ve always needed someone to play with. A friend recently suggested listening to podcasts on longer runs, maybe I’ll give that a go next time.

I’m also going to try a new route, maybe a change of scenery will give me a the boost that I need!

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