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Running Free!

I usually really enjoy running, but we all have those days, those runs when you just think that actually, running sucks!
Yesterday was one of those runs, my legs felt heavy, my hands were cold and I was bored after ten minutes! I use an app to track my runs, although it’s a great way to monitor your progress, it makes me kind of competitive with myself. I aim for a pace of 8 min per mile or less. Sometimes this pace feels okay but this run felt horrible. So why not just run a little slower? (Did you not hear me say I’m competitive) Why are we all so hard on ourselves, at least I made the effort to lace up and hit the road, instead of staying in bed, or wasting half an hour on pinterest.
Anyway, I persevered and struggled on for 5 miles. I got home and I felt relieved that it was over. There was no feeling of triumph or victory, just tight hip flexors!

On reflection, I am thinking of ditching my GPS tracker and just running free. Free from the clock, the pace, the milage, without any expectations. Who really cares anyway, I’m not training for Rio 16, I started running because I enjoyed it (and it’s free).

So why do us runners do it? Because it’s good for you? To loose weight? Relieve stress?

Do we really need a Garmin or a Fuel band to document each mile? Admittedly, it does feel good to run a new personal best or to see that you have run a total of 32 miles in a single month, but whats the point if you no longer even enjoy running. Who are you trying to impress?

So, I’ve decided that the next time I go running, I’ll be leaving the technical stuff at home.
Ah, freedom!!


  1. I, by no means, run an eight minute mile but I have learned to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds during my runs.


  2. Leaving the technology at home every now and then is great! A different perspective for the run.

    Thanks for linking up with Fitness Friday!


  3. sriches says

    I started running late last year and have been following the Couch 2 5k app – it’s great and controls all the times of whether to walk or run which is great for me. I am progressing well but do have a competitive streak so will try and better myself – I have upped my speed this week but I think for me to be able to sustain over a 5k I really need to slow down. My legs and knees just feel weird when I do slow down. Fab post and a lovely ready! Sim @ #WeightLossWednesday linky


  4. I tried a few runs without my running app but to tell you the truth I kind of missed it. I am now using the Nike + app but I’m not sure how accurate the GPS is. I am tempted to buy a Garmin watch, so much for ditching the tech stuff!


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