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Pretty Muddy.

Come on ladies, let’s get dirty & kick cancers ass!
Today I signed up for Cancer Research Pretty Muddy, a women only, 5k muddy obstacle course. I took part last year and it was brilliant! You can walk, jog, run or even volunteer to help out on the day. Unfortunately, most of us know somebody who’s life has been affected by cancer, race for life events are a great way to raise money for cancer research. It’s amazing to see so many women running to kick cancers ass! This is my third time running for cancer research, their events are always hugely motivating. I’m hoping to see some familiar faces on the day, you can join me and sign up here! 

Pretty Muddy

Race for Life


I also have a just giving page if you would like to sponsor me. click here


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  1. If you did it last year you should step it up a notch and come try some of the more serious obstacle and mud races. Completely addictive! If your london based “the adrenaline rush” is coming to the olympic park and mud sweat and beer wouldnt be far from you either.


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