Yoga classes – indications, benefits and types


Yoga – exercise for body and mind
Yoga is definitely one of the most relaxing and safe forms of physical activity, derived from Indian philosophy. It is referred to as one of the oldest systems or techniques of self-improvement. Yoga classes are a set of comprehensive exercises for the body and mind that can help us slim our figure, achieve harmony and calm down, or alleviate various types of pain. An extremely important aspect of yoga is the precise synchronization of body movement with the breath while performing individual asanas – poses.

Who are yoga classes for?
Almost everyone can practice yoga – both younger and elderly people. Women and men. People who practice sports regularly and those who do not have too much exercise on a daily basis. Yoga is an ideal form of physical activity for people working behind a desk, complaining of back and neck pain. It is also worth noting that regular yoga classes can bring relief if you are exposed to stressful situations and struggle with mood swings on a daily basis.

In some cases, such as – pregnancy, menstruation, osteoporosis, depression, exercises should be modified.

The most important advantages of yoga are:

  • improvement of body posture,
  • better immunity of the body,
  • improving mood and reducing stress,
  • relieving menstrual pains,
  • greater flexibility of the body,
  • regulated blood pressure,
  • feeling relaxed,
  • better motor coordination.

The varieties of yoga
Depending on our goals and needs, we can choose from many types of yoga – it is assumed that there are as many as a dozen of its types. Among the listed types of yoga, we find typical relaxation techniques that will allow us to release tension, gain energy and calm down. These include, for example, soothing Yin yoga.


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