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January Health Kick

Are you planning to shape up in January? You may have read last month that I was temporarily joining the gym, it is temporary because I usually like to exercise outside. I like to walk, run, cycle, in the fresh air and sunshine. As it is currently freezing outside and there is very minimal sunshine, I am staying indoors! Here are my tips for your new year health kick.



Find something that you enjoy. The dancer in me loves music and so I like going to exercise classes that use music. At Nuffield Health centre, I enjoy Nina’s Body Balance class. The class is at 9.30am, so I head straight there after the school run, I’m out of the gym by 10.45am so I still have the whole day free afterwards. Don’t be intimidated by group classes, there are a variety of abilities, ages, shapes and sizes. After a few classes you start to recognise the same friendly faces each week.




Find a balance. If you want to see results you need to do a variety of different exercises to burn fat, tone up, and improve your posture. Try to include a cardio workout each week, running, cycling etc. Tone your muscles by doing weight bearing exercises, body conditioning or strength training. Yoga and Pilates are both excellent ways to improve your core strength and tone your muscles. Don’t be deceived though, it is really hard work. It’s not just laying on a mat and breathing. Although that is my favourite bit at the end!


Start as you mean to go on. Many people sign up to a gym or exercise group in January but lose motivation after a few weeks. Try not to focus on your jean size or counting calories. There are many other benefits of keeping active, it’s important to have some time for yourself. Detox from your phone, work, kids etc.



Personally, I can’t wait to get back into class this week after two weeks of indulgence. We still have an insane amount of sweet treats in our house left over from Christmas, including the biggest jar of Nutella that you can get. 5kg!! (Thanks little bro) I’d better get to it!


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